My Tea Box – August



This box is too cute! Packaging is important, its the first impression! I love everything about this look, the colours are so peachy and cute. They truly do put a lot of heart into their company. This is a Canadian tea subscription box. Hand picked high quality teas delivered straight to your door. The first thing I did was gush over my name on this package, you can see it here but it’s adorably written on the package, love the hand written note too, such a smart move from subscription companies, it truly is the little things. Each month comes with 3 new teas to sample (worth about 15 cups of tea)! First month comes with a little extras too like the little teaspoon and tea steeping filters as well. I opened them all up and they all smell so yummy too! Love the August flavours, but am having some fomo of some past flavours!!!!! They all look so yummy! I know it’s weird saying tea is yummy, but with flavors like these? Tiramisu? Almond Amaretto Biscotti? Yum! In this box;

1. Raspberry Ice – this black tea is perfect as an iced tea during these hot summer months! Filled with mango, rose hip and raspberry pieces, white tea too!

2. Just Peachy – smells so good! This is a sencha green tea with peachy notes!

3. Summer Nights – mmm my favourite, I love rooibos tea, this one is smooth and citrusy with orange peel pieces and strawberry leaves!

For only $24.95 a month you can be set for the month every day at work! Free shipping too! Order here;


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