Tonttu – November 


Oh Tonttu has done it again! Another great box for mama and baby or baby on the way! Tonttu is Finnish for the tradition of giving new parents a baby box filled with all the essentials a baby will need for the first year of life, including toys, clothes, and books! There are boxes if you are a mommy for boys and girls up to 3 years or if your still expecting so the first step is choosing 1. Expecting mamas and from there which trimester you are in so they can cater the box to your specific needs at that time 2. New mommas, if you had a boy or girl, and their age group from 0-36months! Tonttu is also the perfect gift for a baby shower, or just to spoil that mama bear in your life. In this box;
1. Brinware silicone placemat – super cute and helps keep cleaning time down as helps your little toddler learn at the same time! Too cute! 

2. Mint&Feather bows and bow ties – this bow is adorable! Such a cute colour, perfect to doll up ur little one! 

3. VOESH collagen gloves and socks – Time to pamper yourself ladies! These are super fun, good for a nice girls night with a mani pedi and some wine of course! 

4. Botany&Wax Cranberry Marmalade candle – mmmm smells sooo freaken good! 

5. NursElet – very helpful bracelet for nursing moms, never know how helpful items like these are until you have them! Made for moms by moms! 

They also support local businesses and artists AND they encourage you to send any gently used pregnancy and baby clothes back to them in the box and they will send them to someone else in need! Karma at it’s finest! You can expect 5-7 products, this box is only $35 a month with free shipping in the US and don’t miss out on their Black Friday sale for 30% off your first 3 months! Order here;

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