Purl Lamb 


How adorable is this stuff?!? Purl Lamb is usually known for their most adorable kids Hoodie sets but I’m also loving their bath and body products! Just check out this travel kit?! Coming in a cute Lamb travel bag we have some strawberry lip balm, the good as gold body butter, a rose spritzer (smells so nice and relaxing!) and their Chil’Lax aromatherapy roller which is a peace and calming combo. Bonus? All natural and organic skincare products here! These items are safe for mama AND baby too! 

This is great for the holidays as a stocking stuffer and their sets are perfect for a Christmas Eve gift for the kids, a cute little Christmas set of pajamas. That’s what my mom always did, one gift to open on the night before Christmas, always some cute new pjs to wear that night while ‘patiently’ anticipating Santa. I love how the hoodies all have little ears on them, they are toooo cute. 

Then there’s the bundles of products. There is the baby bundle with stuff like diaper lotion, then there’s the Mama Box and even the Pregnancy Box. This one is the travel box, perfect for anyone on the go! Be sure to order now for the holidays, free shipping on orders over $49 (or $149 for International). Order here;


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