The Bottom of the Well


I love roaming around new cities and checking out new pubs and bars, but who has time to experience them all? Bottom of the Well lets you experience exactly what your looking for without leaving the comfort of your own home! Each month will send you on a new pub crawl. Just pop your phone in the Virtual Reality goggles that they put in the box and you’ll get to see the beer tenders, patrons, drinks and roam around the bars location! You’ll also get a shirt for that specific bar, plus some other bar paraphernalia like mugs, shot glasses, and more. This months bar is Alibis in San Antonio, Texas. A fun chill bar that I would enjoy visiting when I’m in Texas, somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit! From 1876 this was first a home and the story goes as follows;

The shirt design encompasses several components of the Alibis’ story.  First and foremost was the placement of the railroad, St. Paul’s Square, which quickly converted the 1876 home into business after business, which is why the train is front and center.  We have the roses representing the women who frequented the then Blue Light Bar (circa 1904) matched with the crossed fingers that symbolized the army men hoping to get lucky that night.  The eye on the front of the train is meant to embody the spirit of progress and development, because the house has witnessed so much transition in it’s hundred and thirty year history.  Finally the Alibi tagline, “Don’t go home without one” rounds out the shirt design. 

Starting at $25.95 a month for a long subscription and up from there. Use code BOXGIRL for 25% off. Order here;

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