Trendy Memo


Trendy Memo is a quarterly subscription box for the office savvy worker trying to keep on track and stay trendy will keeping organized. Come on Boss Ladies, you know you want it! Stay organized while you work or study. I would actually love a proper work station, I still need a desk and chair but I have all the other supplies ready to go from this box! Each month you will receive 5-7 practical use or decorative items. Perhaps some boss lady pens, some inspirational memos, desk accessories, fancy office supplies and even some yummy snacks! Ohhh the anticipation is killing me! I’m a sucker for organizational materials, I bring all my personal office supplies from home to work, right now I have my fancy pen in the photo above, it’s too cute. My fav items is definitely my daily planner, I couldn’t manage without it, especially with the list of boxes in order of posting and reviewing. Eeeek! Boss Lady! What’s in this box;

  1. Frankie & Myrrh Study Buddy spray – This is my fav for sure. Loving this brand and their wide assortment of aromatherapy sprays. This one is the Study Buddy which helps you focus while calming to get you thru your work or studies. These can be used as a mist, a perfume, a room spray, so many options! I’m a big fan of this company and want to try more, they have so many different kinds depending on what you are looking to get, stress relief, mood relief or booster, etc. They even have rollies for on the go and fancy diffusers! Love it!
  2. The Tulle Box thumbtacks – Super cute! Just found out about this company in another box and like their products, cute tacks!
  3. Binder clips – Oh so fancy in gold
  4. Kawaii metal diamond crystal pen – Love this fancy pet, brought it to work but might have to keep it at home, don’t want anyone to steal it, too cute!
  5. Greeting Cards – These are super simple but perfect cards for a thank you or birthday
  6. #Goals notes – Great for the office desk
  7. Goodie Girl cookies – yummy quinoa chocolate chip cookies
  8. SultySmooth Essentials pumpkin spice body lotion – smells so good!
  9. Micro-dermabrasion paste by R+F – nice little sample to test out.

Starting at only $36 a month for a year or $39.99 monthly and this is a quarterly subscription box. Sign up today and get a FREE picture frame for your desk while supplies last!

Order here;


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