HarrisonBlake – April Box


image.jpegMy man is going to love this one, so dappear, stylish and perfectly matching! I like how this company purs together an entire look that is also interchangeable. Classy and stylish!

This box includes;

  1. Red wool lapel pin – $15
  2. Floral pocket square – $20
  3. Whale tie bar – $25, love this so much, what a great touch to add a tie bar.
  4. Blue cotton necktie- $25, fantastic quality necktie
  5. Checkered socks – $8

Everything looks great together, loved looking at the ways this dapper men would tie this outfit together (pun intended) with different looks. You could expect socks, a watch, jewelry, a lapel, tie bar, love how every month is different but goes together perfectly. All their items are available for purchase online as well.

This box is a great deal compared to others I’ve seen, only $25 in the US and Canada and $40 internationally for a little brown box with a necktie and 4 stylish dapper items, worth over $90! Or $16 and $25 for the bow tie club with 2 bow ties a month! Includes tax and shipping is free. Order today and use code FASTFIVE for $5 off your first month;



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