Spark Naturals


My latest obsession? Essential oils! Can’t you tell? Thanks Spark Naturals for letting me sample a few of your popular mixes! They literally have every type of essential oil, and they are of course 100% pure. They sell 5ml and 15ml bottles, as well as combos. So choose from the well knowns like Cedarwood and Citronella, to the less known like Black Pepper and Cilantro (oh my god I love cilantro! Muuust try this one asap!). They also have oils like coconut, hempseed, grapeseed and almond oil (my fav). Then the kits range from a cold and flu kit to a cleaning kit. Perfect for stocking stuffers! 

They sent me their Oil of the Month November which was a 15ml bottle of the Digest which is perfect for me and my occasional tummy problems, with a blend of lemon, spearmint, fennel, ginger and mryrrh. They also sent me the Premium Oil of the Month which was a 15ml bottle of the Juniper Berry which is straight from the coniferous tree and helps many things, that I truly had no clue. Inhale it for tension headaches and hangovers (hello! Could have used this over the weekend!) and even helps topically with stuff like eczema (which I have!). Thanks again Spark Naturals! 

Be sure to sign up for their oil of the month club for $15.99 or $24.99 for the premium. Each month includes a 15ml bottle and free shipping. Don’t miss out on their Cyber Monday sale with 30% off and free shipping! Order here;

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