Next Meat



Are you a meataterian like I am? Nothing better than a good charcuterie board, love that the NextMeat sends me some local Canadian goodness in a box. In this box we have Pancetta drooool, Porchetta, love the dijon crust, Turkey Pastrami, sandwich time! And my favourite the Schinkenspeck, which is my go to for a meat and cheese board to pair with a little wine. Tons of sausages here as well like the cacciatore and some salt flakes, perfect for my Caesar and margarita rim! In your box you can expect 4+ meats, crackers, cheeses, salts, vinegar, oils and dried veggies! The products could be local or imported from Italy, Germany, Spain, or elsewhere!

Use code MEAT15 for 15% off your first month and get free shipping for as low as $45 a month, Canada only! Order here;


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