Sensploration Coffee


Nothing like the smell of freshly roasted coffee beans in the morning. Start your morning off with a cup of job from a new roastery every month, why not mix it up! Sensploration Coffee a coffee subscription from Hawaii that sends you 2 different 5oz bags of fresh coffee beans and an artisan bonus item each month that will enhance your coffee enjoyment. Perhaps some coffee beans from Hawaii, Florida, Seattle, the fun is in the surprise! Their bags even have a CO2 valve to keep the coffee nice and fresh until you open it! Choose from light, medium or dark roast and go from there. I like that these are fresh beans so you can keep that freshness and smells the fresh ground coffee. Plus the bonus item is exciting, past months included macadamia nuts, honey, chocolate, pastries and more!

In this box we have 2 bags from Common Good Coffee Roasters. These folks are a small batch craft roastery out of San Diego my second home! Love it! They sent some Colombio Supremo Los Paisanos and Coffee Kids Washed Honduras. As a bonus we got the Maikai Coffee – Hawaiian Coffee Body Scrub that smells delicious and is super refreshing on your skin. They are a premium specialty coffee company from Hilo, Hawaii!

Boxes start at $25 a month for a years subscription with free shipping. You can also purchase a one time box to send as a gift or try it out. Use code WELCOME for $5 off your first box! Order here;

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