Sugar Smart Box


Love snacking but trying to prep that summer bod? The Sugar Smart Box is great for those low sugar and low card diets and routines! Each month you’ll get 7+ sweets and treats that are diabetic friendly and Keto compliant. Counting macros? This box is great if your on a regimented diet or if you are just looking for good tasting healthy treats! We got nuts galore in this box, and here’s what else;

  1. Good Dee’s blondie mix – I was actually just asked recently what a blondie was and ooooh they are delicious! Can’t wait to whip these up!
  2. Front Porch Pecans – mmm I love pecans, these ones have a hint of sea salt and mmm so good.
  3. Gilded Nut – snack pack of good ol’ pistachios.
  4. Epic turkey jerky – mmm love turkey and beef jerky, a snack I always had when I was younger.
  5. Rawxies Crunch – chili lime snacks
  6. Pizootz peanuts – some fancy bay spice artisan peanuts
  7. Smartcake – some yummy little cinnamon cakes, never heard of these.

Starting at only $29 a month. Order here;

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