Gotham Steel Pan



Love cooking? Hate cleaning? Want to make it 10 times easier? I have some favorite tools that make it that much easier and the Gotham Steel Pan is one of my favs. Making cooking a complete breeze with the non-stick and non-scratch tethnology is such a delight! Made with non-stick ceramic and strong titanium to ensure the best product. It is safe with metal so scratch away, it will never leave a mark not even with a metal whisk or hand mixer! You don’t even have to use oil or butter to prep for cooking making your meals even healthier as your food will just slide right out of the pan. From your cheesy breakfast omelette, to your  nightcap s’mores dessert, everything is a breeze with the Gotham pan! This product is dishwasher safe, oven safe (yes!) and is all around a great quality and price.

I’ve tested it out a few times and have never been so happy with a pan, it really does make cooking that much more enjoyable. I decided to photograph my last nights dinner which was Rosemary Garlic Mashed Potatoes and they were fantastic! Got the inspiration from a friends recent recipe and had to give it a try! With a glass of vino of course. 🍷💁🏻

They are BUY ONE GET ONE FREE right now too! Only $29.95 plus shipping is a steal and will surely save you money in the long run, plus they come with a FREE cookbook. Order here;


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