Alpha Outpost – June DOPP Kit



I gotta say, AlphaOutPost is still a top fav of mine for their guy boxes, theirs is the ultimate gift for the man in your life. This month is all about keeping your mans burly beard or mustachioooo on point. I am all about a manly man, big beard, chest hair, nothing better then it, a fresh shave is good on occasion but a beard is always better. Alpha Outpost is truly a mans man type of box, with the tools and training to take life by the balls. Once again the quality surpassed what I would expect in a typical box and good for any man in your life. Like I mentioned before, I have never seen such creative themes, with some awesome past boxes including the SurvivorBox, the GentlemensBox, the V.E.G.A., the MedicBox and the HostageSurvivorBox, they just keep getting better and better and with this intense tools comes a website link to get some training on how to use them. What’s in this box;

  1. Waterproof DOPP bag – This is essentially a toiletries bag for men
  2. Straight razor – My fav item in the bag for sure, this is awesome!
  3. Professional barber scissors – I’ve cut a few peoples hair before so these will come in handy.
  4. Toe & Finger nail clippers – Always a useful tool to have
  5. Face Towel
  6. Huckleberry shave oil – no shaving cream needed here!
  7. Duke Cannon soap – not for little boys, this stuff is made for the burly bear.
  8. Soap pouch
  9. Metal comb – to tame the burly bear

The box also comes with a manual filled with expert advice on the history of hygiene and the DOPP kit, Do’s & Don’t, how to carry out the perfect beard trim or mustache trim, how to use the shave oil and how to use the straight razor. You should probably sign up today before it’s too late! They send you far more than double the value of the box, this one is worth $105, others are over $145 worth! Get yours starting at $34.95 a month plus $6.95 shipping, that’s definitely do-able. Across seas in the military? They got you covered too. I just wish I heard about this box sooner… I’m so jealous of those of you who go the previous months boxes!


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