What do I put on everything? Hot Sauce! I’d say the majority of sauces in my fridge are different flavours of hot sauce! You can never have too many, and Heat Seekers ensures I never run out and always have new flavours to try. At first I was nervous thinking they would all be too hot and blow me away but these were fantastic! Each month they will send you 2 unique flavours, you can clearly see this months are completely different but equally fantastic. So pour on a little or throw on a lot! How much heat can you handle?! This month they sent me;

1. Toad Sweat Cranberry Dessert Hot Sauce – holy smokes, this is an unbelievable hot sauce and something I would everyday. It reminds me of a red pepper jelly which I absolutely love. Mmmm more please! 

2. Sgt. Peppers El Chipotle Picante Pumpkin – perfect flavour for the holiday season and not too hot either! Love how it’s a little thicker, good for adding to cooking too! 

Starting at only $14.99 a month the travel the world one hot sauce at a time! These are kinda that you’d have a hard time finding in stores. Use code FALLOFF15 for 15% off. Order here;


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