Silk Lounge


Looking for a truly magical experience? You may have heard about this new restaurant but if you haven’t tried it then you are nuts! Silk Lounge in Gastown is a stunningly gorgeous setting with French and Indian style cuisine that will melt in your mouth. This hidden gem is truly special and unique to Vancouver. I’ve never been to another restaurant that has so many fascinating pieces of decor, lighting, seating, chandeliers, and more. You can expect to find authentic Indian cuisine with the perfect amount of spice and flavor to keep you coming back for more.

Now for the food and drinks! We had a chance to try a couple drinks off the cocktail menu and some appetizers, and let me tell you… I would have licked the plate if I was at home, but seriously, I wiped every single plate clean, not a speck of spice or sauce was left, it was seriously that good! For drinks we tried the Blue Pehool and the Grapefruit Thyme. I loved the blue drink, it tasted like heaven in a cup, it was a vibrant blue and made with coconut milk and lychee. For food we had several different dishes, from the steak bites that came with a brandy demi-glaze, to the Kumbh Kaafi Mirch which are mushroom caps with ginger, garlic, peppercorns and all the deliciousness you could imagine. I’ve never in my life ordered mushroom caps before, have I been missing out? Or are these just little morsels of heaven? We had Prawns, so much fun watching them prepare this one, with the flames! The Tandoori Halibut was so delicate, it will melt in your mouth, so perfectly cooked, and the chicken was obviously a fav as well.

I would suggest this restaurant for any special occasion. Perfect for birthday, anniversaries, weddings, runway modelling (yes they’ve done it!), book the whole space and wow your guests, or bring your lover and show off your knowledge of finding the hidden gem (your welcome).

I would suggest you ask questions about the decor while your there, let them wow you with the incredible efforts they went through to create such a beautiful space. You won’t find any added sugar, preservatives, or modified ingredients. This is 100% made from scratch in the kitchen using amazing recipes. Gary the owner was so sweet as well, looking forward to our next visit, would love to make it a regular occurrence!

Located at 132 Powell St, Vancouver. Find out more here;

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