Urban Leaf Catering


Vegan? Plant based? Who ever thought I would love it? Well my mind has been changed after trying Urban Leaf Catering at their pop up dinner at Soil. We had an unbelievable, plate licking 4 course meal with drink pairing and it was amazing. All the details were perfect from the cocktails to the garnish. You could hear all night people asking where to buy the sauces and questions on if there is potential for a restaurant opening, yessss we agree! With chef and Kadieann Tighe leading the team with fellow chef Shani Cohen I had actually tried her creations before at Save on Meats during a greasy spoon supper party, her carrot lox and jackfruit sliders tasted so amazing, you’d never think veggies could taste so good! Loved the menu for this pop up thou.

Course 1 we had Nish Noush, a family style tray of labneh, confit garlic pesto, Italian sausage (not actual meat but tasted like it!!!) tomato chutney, with pickled veg, pita and crackers. We had to stop ourselves from licking the bowls clean!!! This course was paired with a mouthwatering rose water gin lemonade.

Course 2 we had a beet carpaccio with yummy honey walnuts, chimichurri, goat cheese, and a focaccia with pistachio butter, sooo good, paired with a beetroot mimosa.

Course 3 was a winter Ragu, it was like a naked ravioli with almond ricotta gnudi, chanterelle mushrooms, freeze dried leeks and tomatoes, asparagus, with a mushroom sage purée paired with a nice glass of villa teresa merlot.

Course 4 was the earl grey lavender ganache on a pecan date crust with coconut mousse, and candied orange peels paired with an amazing earl grey rosemary bourbon.

I’m drooling just thinking about this meal and how I want it again, like tonight! Can’t wait to hear what they come up with next. In the meantime you can try Kadieann’s amazing creations at Save on Meats (full review of them also on the blog) and you can buy some of their products around town like at Vegan Pop Up, and Juice Truck. Check them out here;



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