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Are you a wine-o? Love a good glass of bold red, how about a crisp white or delicate rose all day? WINC is a wine subscription, ohhhh baby! Each month you will receive a personalized selection of wines directly to your door. After completing the online survey of just a few questions on taste and palate preferences they’ll determine which wines are likely your best fit, and they were right, the ones they chose were exactly what I was looking for, and taste amazing! Hardest part? Deciding which wine to open first! I went with the Chop Shop for my dinner but based on my personal preferences I was sent;

  1. 2017 Chop Shop Cabernet Sauvignon – California
  2. 2018 Cape Route Cinsault – Western Cape, South Africa
  3. 2018 Mercana Malbec – Mendoza, Argentina
  4. 2017 Far + Wide Grüner Veltliner – Austria

I also added a 5th bottle because I wanted to try more and because I’m a wineooo.

5. 2016 Rosa Obscura Red Blend – California

I love so many things about this company. Their website is amazing, easy to navigate the wines, easy to adjust, so if you’ve tried one of their suggestions, you can swap it out for another that you’d like to try! Want a little more? Just add more bottles! I love how once you do choose your wines, or go ahead with the suggested ones, they send you a list of details about that wine, it’s like the wine connoisseur is in your living room letting you know where the grapes are from, what scents you might pick up, suggested recipes to pair with the meal and more! For example, number one on my list, the chop shop cab sauv pairs perfect with a Beef Tenderloin with Black Truffle Sauce. Sounds delicious? Of course it does, so they include the recipe to make it! How about the blend I added on? Oh why not make a Honey-Roasted Chicken with Garlic, Lavender, & Roasted Vegetables, yummmm yes please!

Want more? FREE shipping if you have 4+ bottles in your cart, which obviously you do. They are a must try if you love wine and an absolute must if you are looking for the perfect gift for a friend or family member. Okay now it’s time for some FREE wine! Want $22 off, ummm of course you do, that’s a free bottle of wine for most! Click the link for a $22 discount and complimentary shipping – that’s 4 bottles of wine for $40! Order here;





Have you started any new rituals this year? Looking to start some new healthy habits? Why not take care of yourself with self care through diet and love by introducing some healthy tonics and elixirs into your regime. Moodbeli believes self care is important and what easier way to kick start your new habit with delicious certified organic, fair trade and rain forsest alliance certified products like their sustainable ingredients that you just add in. Whether your adding a little to your morning coffee to a lot to your pre-workout smoothie, you will definitely feel and see the benefits. Inspired while in Costa Rica, they look at the transformative powers of plants like reishi, maca, cacao and turmeric. We’ve learnt over time that these plants are far more transformative then we assumed, at least I have learnt more about them in the last year then ever before, not to mention it’s a simple way to make a change to your diet and well-being.

So add a little to your morning coffee, tea, juice, smoothie, include it in your baked goods, dinner, why not indulge a little and create a yummy nut milk latte with a sprinkle here and there? Now for the products. An interesting one I thought was the Cloud Powder. This is a dairy-free creamer filled with organic coconuts, tocos (rice bran solubles), vitamins and minerals. They benefits include glowing skin, strengthening our tissues, mood enhancer, increase of energy, promotes blood flow, and removes toxins from the body. Great start! Next we have Golden Turmeric, I’ve heard so many great things about turmeric lately, I really need to start adding it to my cooking as I always have some on hand! Benefits include taming indigestion, soothing inflammation, and easing joint pain. Their Mushroom Adaptogen is a fun one with wildcrafted mushrooms and raw cacao, benefits include nourishing the immune system and enhancing the well-being not to mention it helps with stress relief, who doesn’t want that??? Loving the Bliss Booster, this one is a maca root, cinnamon, and cayenne-spiked raw cacao blend that helps balance your hormones (hello ladies!), is a mood enhancer and stress reliever. with notes of cinnamon may help relieve stress, enhance vitality, and bring the mind into the present. Next up is the Calming Adaptogen which is my fav, with warming chai-spiced Ashwagandha, this is great for vitality and most importantly, expanding happiness, the list goes on including alleviating stress, supporting physical and mental stamina, balancing the immune system, promotes a restful sleep, improves memory… on and on. I love this stuff. They also have a Ceremony tonic with matcha green tea that helps with mindfulness.

Jars range from $33 and up, they also sell boxes full of sachets for travel or grab and go. I would just for a multi pack that has quite a few kinds to try out like the essential travel kit that includes 18 sachets of turmeric, blue green protein, energy tonic, calming adaptogens, bliss boosters and mushroom adaptogens. Or test them out with the All the Moods kit for a little of each before you dive in! The essential set has a bunch of jars if you know what you want! Try them out for yourself! Order here;


Chomp Vegan Eatery


Leading a healthy lifestyle? Looking to have pre-made, healthy meals without all the hassle? Food prep is exhausting, requiring being creative with new recipes, actually going out and finding the ingredients, and making it taste delicious and nutritious. Chomp Vegan eatery has a meal delivery service where you choose each week some meals you’d like, delivery service is available on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Last week I chose one of everything and added tofu on all my meals, just in case I was a little hungry still as I haven’t had too much experience with a full vegan meal. The delivery itself was quick and convenient, the meals kept cool in a really nice reusable zip up tote and reusable containers. The meals may have looked small in the containers but were massive once you put them on a plate. I couldn’t finish a single meal and was really impressive with the quality and creativity of the meals. Here’s what I tried;

  1. Rollercoaster bowl – this was a massive salad backed with chickpeas, greens, quinoa, other veggies and a yummy dilly sauce. I heated up the quinoa and it made for a full hearty meal that kept me full for hours!
  2. Protein pancakes with maple syrup – okay the maple syrup was real and delicious, I loved these pancakes, packed with blueberries, so yummy!
  3. Garlic lime smoked tofu noodle salad with peanut sauce – mmm I love vermicelli noodles already, plus the red cabbage, pea shoots, and tangy sauce, this was my favorite!
  4. Taco fixings over greens with tofu – this was a basic but hearty full meal
  5. Chickpea and lentil loaf – funny as I don’t usually like chickpeas but I liked this loaf! So filling!

Overall I thought this meal delivery was great. They take the work out of eating clean and healthy using fresh and local ingredients. I actually used to live right next to their cafe when they first opened in Port Moody. I had always wanted to try them too so happy that I finally tried them out! Like they say, what a better way to make health a priority! Gluten free? They got you covered! Custom order? No problem! They deliver to Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, Coquitlam, Port Moody & Port Coquitlam with pickup also available in Langley, Walnut Grove and Vancouver. Check out their upcoming menu and order here;

The Extraordinary Man Box


Want to get your man the perfect gift? How about a gift for your groomsmen fellas? Or perhaps you just want to indulge a little yourself? Regardless, I’m loving The Extraordinary Man Box. It’s a jam packed seasonal subscription box bringing you the latest trends and hot items. Brought to you from BC Living, they already test and showcase so many amazing items that they decided to just send it in a box and share with everyone! Every quarter you’ll get 6-8 curated products that will leave you smiling for sure with their fine finds and must have items like accessories, clothing, home decor, snacks, pantry items, bath and body products, personal care items and cool outdoor gear! They will send you items to make you look and feel great, shaping you up to be the most extraordinary man! In this box we have some gear that will prepare you for the Winter season with some cozy accessories and self care products for that cold and bitter weather, plus some fun gear so you don’t get the winter blues. In this seasons box we got;

  1. SEBASTIAN & CO. Asado-inspired Charcoal Rub – this is a delicious steak and poultry rub, perfect for a little BBQ during the cold months.
  2. EXTRAORDINARY MAN Four-Piece Wine Set – did I still this away from my bf to keep for myself? Sure did! I’m in the wine-o in this family and love this, it’s also perfect for going on vacation and not having a wine cork in your hotel room! Gasp!
  3. RIVERSOL Refreshing Gel Cleanser – Same company for the women’s box but a gel cleanser instead of cream, will have to try both out as they are perfect for both!
  4. OGGI CANADA Classic Lumberjack Scarf – Love this, it’s perfect for my bf, exactly his style!
  5. THE COCKTAIL BOX CO. Old Fashioned Kit – Another item I’m stealing from him as I’m a huge fan of old fashioned and have always wanted to try this company! I’ve known about them for years and think it’s genius, will pop this out at a game, flight or other event!
  6. EXTRAORDINARY MAN Reusable Stainless Steel Straws – another set, but mine are prettier with the rose gold! Hee hee

This box is valued at $149 which is amazing as it’s only $74 quarterly… I have no idea how they do it, you are definitely getting a kick-ass deal here! Free shipping too! Love that this a Canadian company, their warehouse is in my birth town of New West too! Whaaa?! Looking for something for her? Be sure to check out their Simply Beautiful box for the lady in your life, trust me, she’s gunna love it! Order here;

Spiritú Box


Looking for a beauty and lifestyle subscription? Spiritú Box is a quarterly, seasonal, artisanal subscription box delivering those well known brands that we all have come to know plus Latin American sourced items by Latina artists. Each quarter you can expect a box valued at over $100 and curated with 5-10 full sized products and know that portions of the proceeds are given back to the Latina community. In this Winter box we have;

  3. THE SEAWEED BATH CO. RESTORE + PROTECT EYE TREATMENT – I love this company so was super excited to see and try out this product.
  4. TRESEMMÉ® MICRO MIST HAIR SPRAY – to get that flexible hold.
  7. @_SALTYCURLS EXERCISE RESISTANCE BAND – Puerto Rican’s Gabriela Short provides a workout as well!
  9. COLOMBIA HANDMADE MACRAMÉ BRACELET – Bright and vibrant handmade bracelet in Medellín, Colombia.

Each box is valued over $100, including this one being over $150!!! This is an American subscription and costs $39.99 a quarter with free shipping. Looking for more? Check out their online store, currently they have their nail package as well as some items by ALEGRIA. Want a discount? Use code BOXGIRLBLOG for 20% off your first box! Order here;

Field to Cup – Adventurers Box


Tea Time folks! This has got to be the most amazing tea subscription! Look how many massive bags we got here! Want to discover new, unique tea each month? Each month, Field to Cup will send you loose leaf, high quality tea. You also have the option of organic only. All teas come in resealable pouches, tea bags, a steeping guide, and free shipping of course! Plus they have free tea replacements, so if you don’t like it you get a replacement the following month. You also earn points for every dollar spent in their store. So many options for monthly subscriptions too!

They have the Discoverer for $27.97 and comes with 5 different teas, enough for 60+ cups. There’s the Explorer for only $14.97 a month for 4 different fresh loose leaf teas, enough for 20+ cups. Lastly there is the Adventurer $34.97 a month with 4 different teas, enough for 40+ cups with 2 of the teas being Premium.  In this December Adventurers box we got 20 grams of each of the following;

  1. Premium Green Tea Silver Bud Jasmine Pearls – this is a green tea from China, Fujian Province, and is hand-rolled and scented with real Jasmine blossoms, each bud set is individually rolled by hand, and then laid carefully to dry next to real Jasmine blossoms.
  2. Premium Black Tea Organic Sikkim First Flush – this is an organic black tea from India, the Temi Tea Garden, since it’s the only tea garden there, it’s a jewel in the region. You’ll notice smooth scents of sandalwood and hints of nutmeg in this tea.
  3. Premium Black Tea Smoky Keemun – this is a black tea from Anhui Province in China. It’s top grade Keemun with savory smoky and mineral notes, produced solely in the Qimen county.
  4. Herbal Blend Cacao Spice Chai – this is a herbal chai with cacao shells, rooibos, vanilla, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and ginger, a yummy warm tea!

They also sell some fancy tea pots in their store, really nice Borosilicate Glass ones. They even have a Japanese Cast Iron Teapot in one of their Gift sets. Their gift sets look just as exciting as their subscription boxes! So many amazing teas, so hard to choose! They have about 20 I’d like to try right away! The Mexican Hot Chocolate Black Tea, Carrot Muffin, Roasted Almond, Rooibos Pumpkin Patch, Vanilla Horchata, Almond Praline, Chocolate Cashew… okay I’ll stop now. Either way you can be sure you are getting the very best as they go the extra way to test their products. Order here;

Book of the Month – January 2019


Love seeing the new selection from Book of the Month! What did the judges choose this month? Maybe a mystery, fantasy, sci-fi, a gripping memoir, a dramatic love story, a tale of struggles, I can’t wait to find out! Each month 5 judges including a guest judge skim hundreds of books and select those hidden gem novels you’ve always wanted to read (not just those books on the bestseller list that every single person has read). Judges can include well known book editors, best selling authors and celebrities! On the first of the month the books are posted with a quick review to help you make your selection, then you simply choose one or more hardcovers by the 6th of the month! Here are the January selections to choose from;

  1. Golden Child by Clair Adam
  2. Maid by Stephanie Land
  3. The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides
  4. Golden State by Ben H. Winters
  5. The Night Tiger by Yangsze Choo

Only $14.99 for your first book. Add up to 2 additional books of your choice from the extra books section for only $9.99 each. Skip as often as you like, and free shipping everytime! Want to get your books for even cheaper? Sign up for a yearly subscription and it drops your price down to $12.50 a month plus any extras you add! New member to BOTM? Order here to get reading;

Book of the Month