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The Sleeping Lady Resort


Going to Leavenworth? If so, the Sleeping Lady Resort is the only accommodation I would suggest, it is absolutely amazing. From picturesque views of the mountains, to cozy cabins equipped with all the essentials, mouthwatering meals and plenty of private areas to enjoy the perfect vacation with friends (great for a bachelorette party!), family (so super convenient for the little ones) or perfect a romantic getaway. A quick 5 minute drive from the hustle and bustle of downtown Leavenworth and nestled just far enough away to have complete quiet and hardly any light pollution to enjoy stargazing.

One of my favorite things about this resort is the staff. They will move mountains to ensure you have an enjoyable stay. They think of the little details with popcorn available in the main lobby next to a wall full of board games, to property checks to ensure everything looks great and is perfect throughout your trip, such friendly staff at the restaurant and everyone is always smiling! I would too if I worked for such an amazing resort! Not to mention Guest Services is open 24/7 so you can pop on by should you have any requests during your stay!

Let’s start with the rooms and cabins. They have a range of rooms from smaller 1 bedroom with an alcove to larger rooms with bunks to accommodate larger families. They have private cabins and they even accommodate pets and provided doggie beds, treats, bowls and a leash! If your looking for a romantic getaway, I would suggest checking out their Eyrie cabin that boasts a whirlpool bath and king sized bed. Ours was a romantic getaway so we had a Queen bed along with an alcove to nestle up in with a book and cup of coffee. They are thoughtful when it comes to their footprint and sustainability, ensuring to note helpful details around the room about the lights, energy and water use. I loved the hand-hewn log beds and the down comforters, what a relaxing sleep, we both passed right out and slept like a log!

They have tons of facilities on the property to accommodate all types of groups. From a full library stocked with books and cozy couches, to a large gym room equipped with several machines and tons of free weights. They have a huge games room with a ping pong table, Foosball, pool table and theater stage. They have a chapel, a Grotto Bar with some amazing cocktails, a full spa called the Aspen Leaf spa that accommodates massages, body wraps, facials, ohhhh so relaxing. They also have a sauna, outdoor and indoor showers, O’Grady’s Pantry & Mercantile, gift shop, the list goes on and on! This location is absolutely perfect to host a wedding as well, so serene and quiet, your guests would love it!

Don’t forget to bring your bathing suits as their pool is massive! We loved the hot tub with the stones, it was the perfect temperature, and they even have adults only hours! We went for a late night dip and were the only ones in the hot tub, super romantic and great for stargazing! The temperature was perfect too and the robes were super convenient to walk in back to our cabin!

With your package you can choose to include your meals which we did which is called the Great Escape, and the only way to go! We had a lovely gourmet dinner and a lovely hearty breakfast buffet at the Kingfisher Restaurant & Wine Bar. Chef Christian Mikkelsen and his team did such an amazing job. We sat outside for both to enjoy the beautiful views. The dinner was unbelievable. Not what you would expect from a resort. From warm bread and butter to a massive salad bar, I made myself a delicious spinach salad with bocconcini and artichokes along with some of their prepared salads which they had 2. One was a garden tatsoi with edamame, pea shoots, turnips, cukes, and a Japanese ginger dressing and the other was spinach with hard boiled eggs, pickled red onions, roasted beets, garlic scapes, green beans, dill and green goddess dressing. My fav was the soup, seriously the most amazing soup I’ve ever tried, their corn, red pepper and basil soup. Still drooling. For dinner we had a little of everything. They served a rosemary slow roasted prime rib, sooooo good with the bordelaise and horseradish, served with porcini, the most amazing melt in your mouth Yukon gold potatoes. We also tried the Dijon and parmesan crusted Columbia river sturgeon with chilli and fennel roasted broccolini, rainbow carrots and a garden squash. We also tried the mushroom risotto with chanterelles and mascarpone. Delicious. There were a ton of desserts as well, from chocolate cake, carrot cake, berry and rhubarb crumble (amazing), fresh fruit, tarts, cookies and even gluten free cookies!

For breakfast there was a massive buffet and huge range of items to try. They had 2 types of scrambled eggs, pancakes, bacon, 2 types of sausages, breakfast potatoes and yams, a cereal station, porridge station with berry compote, nuts and seeds. A lovely smoked salmon and toppings area to make lox, yogurt, different types of breads and bagels and a ton of extras. They had about 5 types of syrups, tons of peanut and nut butters, a range of jams to try. All the milk alternatives and juices you could imagine, like hemp, oat and almond milk, passion fruit juice. I could go on and on!

Another great thing about them is the Icicle Fund that they support which enhances the health and quality of all life in North Central Washington by engaging people with arts, history and the natural environment. Their rates start around $289 for a room for 2 with the great escape package. Find out more and book here;

Designed Life Delivered


Are you looking to redecorate? Update your feng-shui maybe? My favorite subscriptions are ones that help me reorganize and clean up the look of my home. Whether it’s a new cutting board or some new fresh summer decor pieces, I love updating the look around the house! Designed Life Delivered is a fun seasonal subscription that sends you a giant box of trendy home decor, seasonal decorations, wall accents, and more with fun textiles, colours and materials to keep your home looking modern, fun, inviting and classic! Their items are transitional enough to be used year round and in different rooms around the hour. This subscription is a great gift idea for the new home owner, great for Realtors to stock up on as well to gift to their clients! You can expect 6-10 hand picked seasonal items like kitchen utensils, wall decor, candles, wall decor, and other home accents. I love everything in this box which is a relief and looking forward to their next seasons box already! With experience in interior design I can’t imagine they will have any troubles selling out each season with amazing items like this box! Here is the Summer box which includes some fun colours, lots of blues and browns and pieces that are perfect for an outdoor summer BBQ!

  1. Serving Board – Perfect as a charcuterie board which is great year round and one of my favorite things in this box. Loving the blue and white marble, so stunning.
  2. Wood Beads – Great for adding a little texture to the room, perfect as a decorative piece or to hang on the wall.  
  3. Throw Blanket – Super lightweight and great for outdoors or indoors as a blanket, used as seating on a picnic, or as a decorative piece.
  4. Candle + Matches – Super pretty and yummy smelling fig candle and the match box is so pretty!
  5. Serving Bowl – Super stunning with the wood look, great as a serving dish for salads or as a decorative piece.
  6. Serving Tongs – Perfect for summer, never had fancy serving tongs before so these were much needed and perfectly match the rest of the decor!

This seasonal box is $175 every quarter if you sign up for a subscription, shipping is included, they ship across the US. That is an amazing deal as the boxes are worth around $300, so almost double what you’re paying! Order here;



Blueprint Coffee


Looking to fulfill your caffeine fix? Blueprint Coffee from Saint Louis has some delectable coffees to choose from on their online store, from one of their 2 coffee bars in St. Louis, as well as a few coffee subscription box options, perfect to get your daily fix!  They ensure that their coffee is high quality, great tasting, and roasted with you in mind. What’s fun is they also hold events for the public or partners like Milk Steaming Training, Cupping, Tea Tastings, Espresso Training, Latte Art and more!

For subscriptions they have options like their single origin sampler which features 3 single origin coffees in 8oz bags of whole beans to get a variety of flavors. They are $40 a month including shipping. Here is their current selection of coffee beans for sale online;

  1. Nariño Select from Colombia with hints of orange cream, dark chocolate, brown sugar and caramel, yum reminds me of baking!
  2. Boma from Kenya with hints of cherry, black tea, peaches, blackberres and plums.
  3. Worka – Legese Lemiso from Ethiopia with hints of lemon, honey, lime, jasmine, and apricots.
  4. Finca Esperanza from Guatemala with hints of brown sugar, molasses, maple and nougat.
  5. Tektōn V.16 from Colombia and Rwanda with hints of cereal, caramel, banana and apples.
  6. Penrose V.22 from Guatemala this is the espresso blend.
  7. Decaf Huila Ea from Colombia is the decaf blend.

They also have tons of other stuff on their online store including tea, coffee brewing products, tons of merchandise and more! Order here;

Home Page

Flagship Patriot Jet Boat


Visiting sunny San Diego? Local Californian? Whether your a local or a visitor there are tons of ‘must do’s’ to take advantage of in this beautiful city. From hopping over the border for a day trip to Tijuana (famously known as TJ) to roaming the exciting neighbourhoods like Little Italy, Liberty Square and Old Town. If your looking for a fun water sports adventure I would suggest checking out Flagship and all the tours they offer! But obviously the best one is their incredible fast and super soaking patriot jet boat ride!

Whip around at high speeds of 50mph in this turbo charged boat that does 360 turns. Sit at the back for a wet ride! We got absolutely soaked, while everyone at the front got sprayed! Get a quick tour of the downtown core, gorgeous skyline of the city, harbour, and pass by the U.S.S. Midway Aircraft Carrier, the North Island Naval Air Station and head under the Coronado Bridge while your at it!

Choose from 7 different times a day. Or they have tons of other experiences! They have Dinner cruises, Harbour cruises, Hops on the Harbour are the beer dinner cruises, Spirits at Sunset cocktail cruises, whale watching and special event cruises like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s and New Years.

Find out more here;

Kali Box


Ohhhhh I’m loving the Kali Box! It helps that Kali is also my cats name, but this is a new fav for lady products! Bringing you your gear for that time of the month, aka YOUR PERIOD! Don’t shy away folks, it’s natural! Each month you’ll get a cute little pink box full of tampons, liners, wipes and a bunch of extra goodies to keep your spirits up during that dreaded week (or few days if your one of the lucky ones!). They only use 100% hypoallergenic feminine products made with the highest quality of certified organic cotton. No added chemicals, synthetic fibers, chlorine bleach, dioxins, or dyes, rather you’ll find ethical and sustainable products only. Each box can be personalized for your preferences because hey, no two women are alike, so why would their periods be? Just fill out the online quiz with questions like how long your period is and how heavy your flow might be, if your more of a tampon, pad or cup kinda gal, if you prefer cardboard or plastic applicators, what other extras you might require like liners and wipes, and if you want to Luuuux is up with some fancy Kali products. You can also pick from pre-packed boxes if you want to stick to the basics. 

They also have a teen box, so good to have one handy if you have a daughter getting to that age! I like how they’ve also partnered with Girl Up, the United Nations Foundation´s adolescent girl campaign as well, which promotes health, safety, education, and leadership of girls in developing countries. Order here and us code kelsey to get 50% off your first box!


The Pusheen Box


Loving this hilariously chubby grey tabby cat ‘Pusheen’ who likes cuddles, snacks, sleeping and dressing up. Brought to you by Culture Fly, a group of culture fanatics who specialize in fun geeky subscription boxes like Pusheen. They have some really fun licensed subscriptions like Stranger Things, Rick & Morty, Game of Thrones, Supernatural, Animal Jam, LOL Surprise, Jojo Siwa, Shopkins, Despicable Me, Nickelodeon (Hey Arnold, Rug Rats, Rocko’s Modern Life), DC Comics (Batman, Superman, Flash, Green Lantern) and more! These boxes are jam packed with exclusive and limited edition products made by them! You’ll love the vinyl figures, clothing, accessories, games and more!

Here we have the Pusheen Box, it’s a quarterly subscription that is literally packed tight with all sorts of goodies worth over $100. You can expect apparel, accessories, home goods, collectibles and more! Starting at $39.95 quarterly for a year subscription plus $6 for shipping. You’ll never find these products elsewhere! Order here;

Sprezza – The Howard Box


Sprezza Box is a gentlemen’s subscription box of monthly stylish accessories for that stylish aficionado in your life. Let them do the work for you in finding the perfect look for your next big day, business day or any day! Perfect to turn your man into a stylish dapper fella with the tools to mix and match and create the perfect look. Classy and interchangeable with your past boxes and existing closet make this men’s subscription a winner!  You can expect ties, bow ties, socks, men’s accessories and jewelry, suspenders, watches, sunglasses, wallets, flasks, lapel pins, tie bars, every month is different but goes together so perfectly! All their items are available for purchase online as well. This is the Howard box, bringing you some fun party pieces, it includes;

  1. An Ivy Tie – super classic and sexy look
  2. Sprezza socks – kept these for myself since I love little ankle socks! Can’t get enough of them!
  3. Nectar sunglasses – super sexy shades with a golden tone.
  4. Sprezza bottle opener – wine? Beer? Got it covered here!
  5. Oars + Alps soap – love the scent of this blue green algae soap!

This box is worth over $114 and yet it’s still only $28 a month gets you an amazing box just like this one, so well worth it! The sunglasses and tie alone are worth over $90!!! Love an item you got in your box? How about a past box? You can go to their online store and order any past items! Use code SUBBOXGIRL for 10% off your first box and your entire store purchase. Order here;