Aroma Box


Looking for a relaxing evening? What do you think of when you want a chill night in? A hot bath, some yummy tea, calming scents, and some soothing Epsom salts… or is that just me? The AromaBox curated a bimonthly subscription with high quality, full sized products for bath and body, aromatherapy, health and wellness, and lifestyle. You can expect to find 5+ products each month with 2+ samples as well, generally their products are from small businesses to support the small artisan curators. The theme for August was Intention which to them means; “Aim, plan or process toward something – AromaGirls™ believe that being part of a family, group or community involves sharing with, and service to, others. It is our intention to find a way to honor and give back to the aromatic community.” In this box;

  1. Vermont Village organic vinegar shot – what a fun idea, a little shot in a baggie! This one is the turmeric and honey but I want to try them all!
  2. Unfussed body and beauty – Cardamom & Primrose – Soothing Aloe Body Lotion
  3. Unfussed body and beauty – Cardamom & Primrose – Body + Linen Spray
  4. Gigi’s House – haha that’s what my nephews call their grandma! Cute. Pure cardamom essential oil
  5. Petrichor Apothecary – SMILE essential oil blend with rosewood and lemon
  6. Well seasoned table – organic ginger sugar
  7. Divine Scents Aromatherapy – focus roll-on smells so yummy – Blended with rosemary, bergamot and peppermint essential oils.
  8. Aromatic Harmony – Chai Tea & Organic Indian Spice Tea
  9. AromaGirls Simple White China Tea Cup & Demitasse Spoon

The subscription is bimonthly and costs $31.97 a month. Essential oils are generally quite expensive which is important to remember here! Order here;

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