Invito Coffee


Are you still getting your coffee fix these days? Need a home delivery of fresh and delicious whole or ground beans to make a specialty coffee from home? Invito Coffee brings you single origin, micro-batch, 100% Arabica beans from Costa Rica and roasted in Canada, straight to your door! Not to mention they offer FREE delivery in Vancouver! I love how all their bags, labels and even stickers are compostable, it makes me feel so much better knowing that I am supporting a local AND sustainable company that cares about not only their coffee and how it’s made, but how it’s sold and distributed around the world. They practice organic farming methods and care about the environment, and they’re local, can’t ask for more!  They currently have 2 types to choose from;

  1. Medium Roast – I’m in love with this one, it reminds me or orange zest, fresh and floral. From the West Valley of Costa Rica in Monteverde. I’ve actually been to Costa Rica and I can imagine this valley just being so lush and beautiful! They seriously have the best coffee too!
  2. Espresso Roast – A creamy chocolatey brew full of flavour and smooth cocoa. Perfect for an afternoon Pick Me Up with a little Bailey’s!

You can get their beans whole or they have 3 types of ground beans, including Filter Brew, French Press & Espresso. I personally love the French Press grind! They have 340 gram bags for $16.99 or get a sampler bag with 170 grams of each for $16.95! They ship across Canada, US, UK & Australia for only $5 which is amazing, and don’t forget you can get free delivery in Vancouver! They also carry COFFEETAB which is a single origin specialty coffee that you can take anywhere as it just pops out and you just stir it in. An easy to use portable coffee for a long day of hiking or camping! Choose from citrus, organic and bold. Order here;


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