Bibliophilic Excursions


Looking for your next good read? How about a themed adventure with each new box! Bibliophilic Excursions, with their cute side name of Malcolm Reads due to their adorable pup ambassador, is more than just a book box. Each month you can expect a carefully curated fun experience where you can dive into a good read while enjoying the extra’s to create a solid reading session like snacks, stationary items, tea and more, perfect for nuzzling up in a comfy corner, or relaxing in the bath. They send all sorts of books of different genres from murder mysteries to romantic love stories, so a little something for everyone, not to mention each month is fun new theme that sets the tone.

Here are the journeys you can choose from. The Signature Journey includes 2 books set in a destination country, which includes a fiction and a non-fiction, along with goodies that will heighten each and every sense, so perhaps a yummy treat to taste and a candle to smell. The Fiction Journey will bring you tales of romance, mystery, and more. And the Non-Fiction Journey will centre around visiting a new location through historical and travel novels. They also have the Our Ladies at Lunch Box which is perfect is you love a good ladies novel with a female protagonist or female author, my fav! Oh but wait, they also have the Mystery & Mixology which is super fun and includes a nice mystery novel with all the ingredients (except the booze of course) to make a cocktail to sip on while reading! Whaaa? Love it! Want to try them out for less? Jump for the Grab Bag and get a mixed bag of tricks! Aka a past destination box! In this box we got;

  1. A Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon – a postwar historical fiction based in Barcelona in 1945.
  2. The Yellow-Lighted Bookshop: A Memoir by Lewis Buzbee – a non-fiction story about a bookseller celebrating the life of a bookstore & bookseller.
  3. Sense & Sensibilitea Tea – love the name of this black tea, so fitting!
  4. Book Lovers Cup of Tea Filter – This is so adorable, I had to open it to figure out what it was, you take the spine off the book and it’s a tea filter! So creative and super cute!
  5. Rare Books leather & lilacs Candle – smells just like it sounds!
  6. Reading Journal – To keep a list of all your reads!
  7. ‘Books are uniquely portable’ Tote – Can never have too many! Reuse, reduce, recycle!
  8. Postcard – to set the tone for the destination!

Looking for something special? You can do custom orders, so perhaps a book club idea or birthday theme for someone special. Also lovely is that they team up with companies like World Vision and donate a portion of the sales. The Fiction and Non-Fiction are $39.99 a month, while the Signature Journey is $49.99 (you can also do the quarterly subscription for this one!), then the Ladies at Lunch box & Mystery box is $34.99, and lastly the Grab Bag box is $29.99. Order here;

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