Meow Box


Looking to spoil your feline companion? Callie absolutely loves her very first Meow Box, full of toys and treats, including a box, which is a toy in itself in her eyes! It was adorable that she knew this box was for her, she started pawing at it, guess she smelt the treats! Meow Box is a well known cat subscription box sending your four legged friend 5-6 goodies and playful toys each month. Looking for more cat items? They also have an online store where you can pick and choose from past box items. Choose from items like Cat Wine (yes, it’s a thing!), cat sweaters, toys and treats. You’ll even find goodies for yourself like clothes, socks, phone cases, mugs and more! Here is the Arctic Adventures box which includes;

  1. Arctic Fresh Sassy Sardines catnip 2 pack – Callie loves these because they make that crunchy noise and she loves feathers
  2. Narwhal Unicorn is the Sea – another fav since it makes a squeak noise everytime it hits something
  3. Shining Snow Wand – she loves wand with feathers on the end, so another good one for her!
  4. My Mighty Lion cat treats – she’s super picky but likes these tuna treats!
  5. Felted Wool Snow Owl by Snow Leopard Trust

This subscription is only $29.95 a month or you can sign up for a bimonthly subscription. They ship to Canada and the US and that includes free shipping! My favorite part is that they also give back in a great way. For each box you buy, a can of cat food is donated to a shelter cat, you can even track who your donated can fed! Love that! Be sure to also check out the MEOWFEST, an absolute must event for all cat lovers! Find out more and order here;

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