Okanagan – What to Do – Summerhill Winery


What do you think of when you hear Okanagan? The first thought that comes to my mind is WINE! Wine tastings, wine tours, lush vineyards, gorgeous views and a hot climate. The Okanagan Valley boasts around 200 wineries, but my favorite you ask? Summerhill Pyramid Winery in Kelowna. Summerhill is home to the most amazing organic and biodynamic wine in the country! Well at least that is my opinion and most of those I’ve spoke with. Their passion and zest for life is shown in their knowledge and creation of fabulous wines, they are truly pioneers in their industry.

They have a full range of wines from their top selling sparkling wines, to fun ice wines, to smooth whites and bold reds of course. They have a farm to table style restaurant with breathtaking views of the lake and valley, and not to mention their sacred geometric pyramid wine cellar that will give you goosebumps the moment you enter. They even have an 11,000 sq ft California contemporary style lake view home available for 3 day packages include accommodation, meals, cooking classes, farm and market tours and exclusive tastings right in the centre of their 80 acre organic vineyard.

They have won plenty of awards by groups like the International Wine & Spirit Competition for items like their Cipes Brut, Ehrenfelser Icewine, Grassland Organic Merlot, OM Meritage, Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot, Riesling  and Chardonnay. Help yourself to a complimentary tasting in their wine shop year round, or their must try premium wines. They also have sit down wine tastings that you can prebook, as well as cooking classes with Chef Mara Jernigan!

A must see is the stunning pyramid. It’s a sacred geometric pyramid and wine cella where they gather during times like the solstice and equinox, new and full moons, they even have tours. Its a chilling experience, quiet, soothing, and brings upon a feeling of oneness with your surroundings. Go in, take a seat, close your eyes, and enjoy the peace and quiet, feel all the feels, meditate, whatever comes to mind.

The tour we received was amazing, we got a full look at where the grapes come from, and each step of the process from the dirt to the bottling to the corking and labeling. It was exciting to see the passion in the owners words about the company and about the wine. They are confident and proud of the products they serve and love sharing the details about each item the hidden meaning behind their wine labels and names, and more! For example, ask them about the Keter and the meaning behind the label, it will blow you away to find out just how much they put into every aspect of the process. I also am amazed by the processes, not only are their wines certified organic, but also biodynamic! Be sure to look into the actual process of biodynamic preparations and how much is required to get the certification as it’s quite impressive as it requires biodiversity and ecosystem preservations, soil husbandry, livestock integration, the list goes on, they truly have the highest of standards for preparing their products.

They have an exciting Wine Club that is an absolute must. Just choose from the organic red for $150, organic white for $105 or the organic mixed for $135, plus an extra $25 if you need shipping. Each quarter you will get a case of 6 bottles for a total of 24 per year, that’s perfect if you drink a bottle every second week! Members will get a list of perks including 15% off wine purchased in the wine shop, loyalty points for online purchases, 15% off your bill when dining at the Organic Sunset Bistro, free premium wine tastings and wine tours for you and up to 6 guests, exclusive invites to member events, priority to any other events, 10% off accommodation and cooking classes when staying at their Estate House and priority to their exclusive library releases – which we got to see first hand is super exciting! Some absolute must tries and my favs you ask? The Cipes Brut Rose, Cipes Blanc de Franc, the Keter Meritage blend, the ‘OM’, the Marechal Foch, Baco Noir, the Riesling and the Grüner Veltliner.

Visit their tasting room at 4870 Chute Lake Road, Kelowna. Find out more here;


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