Ethical Bean


I first heard about Ethical Bean when I worked at FOS Restoration. I used to go for my daily walk around the neighborhood and grab a Chai Latte or coffee and a banana loaf at the Ethical Bean location on Kootenay in Vancouver. It was always a treat and I’ve always had a soft spot for their liquid gold coffee. I love how they use organic, ethical, fair trade, fresh coffee beans, only the very best quality. As for types of coffee they have;

  1. Superdark – A French Roast with body and dark cocoa finish
  2. Lush – A Medium Dark with fruit, smoke and earth notes
  3. Classic – A Medium Roast for the typical cup of joe
  4. Bold – A Dark Roast, dark but smooooth
  5. Mellow – A Medium Roasst with a sweet and nutty feel
  6. Exotic – A Medium Roast with fruity and floral notes
  7. Sweet Espresso – A Medium Dark, perfect for a shot in the dark
  8. Decaf – gotta have a regular cup of decaf for the rest of them!
I suggest going for the mix and match 6-pack to try a few at once to find out your favorite! Don’t forget to check out their store at 1315 Kootenay St in Vancouver. They sell some delicious breakfast sandwiches, lattes and To Die For loaves. They even have a bag-return program where you can return your foil lined coffee bags, and for every 12 emptys you’ll get one free! Plus their pods are 100% Certified Compostable which I like!
You can get their coffee in Whole Bean form in bags of 340G for $12.99. Ground in bags of 227G for $8.99. Single serve pods in 12 packs for $10.99 and 6 pack box of 12 pack pods for $59.99. Order here;

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