Hustle Humble


Looking to get inspired? Are you an aspiring entrepreneur? Want to take your idea to the next level but want some tips to make the most of it? Be sure to check out the Hustle Humble Box with their innovative ideas and products designed by entrepreneurs to encourage and inspire. Each month you’ll see stories and helpful hints from many different entrepreneurs, like this one has 3 different great women leaders. We have;

  1. Hustle Humble – Run by Kailynn & Nikki, these boss ladies are on a role and this is their first box. They wanted to start a business that inspires
  2. The Tulle Box – Run by powerhouse Chrystal who has been building her business since first launching in 2006 on Etsy. She has her own workspace with 2 employees. Chrystal inspires us to not focus on the end result but on the journey. She reminds us to lend a hand and help inspire those around us that are also on this journey as we can all help each other out, and to never lose hope.
  3. Taylor Elliott Designs – Run by Taylor who has a passion for product design. She reminds us to be open to new ideas and ways of doing things. To truly celebrate your successes and to always have a to-do list.
  4. Loll-Le-Gaggin – Such a cute name for this company run by Brenda & Lisa who look like sisters! These girls are a fun duo who design jewelry. They remind you to stay focused and all the important aspects associated with staying focused.

What’s in this box;

  1. The Tulle Box white board – They made this adorable white board, it’s a perfect size for my office to be sure I write down my goals and inspirational quotes to get me motivated.
  2. The Tulle Box coasters – I like the design on these, they look like a fancy mason jar and are great to keep my handcrafted coffee table looking new.
  3. Taylor Elliott Designs pencils – Super cute black and white pencils
  4. Loll-Le-Gaggin necklace – This is a really nice quality necklace to keep you grounded and motivated.
  5. Loll-Le-Gaggin leather bracelet – Really funky wristlet!
  6. HustleHumbleBox tote – can never have too many totes!
  7. HustleHumbleBox tee – Not really my style but cute for working out!
  8. Tons of inspirational material, ideas and quotes to keep you on track with your business!

Each box delivers curated products that are meant to inspire and encourage connections whether it be companies or individuals. Be sure to utilize your resources and find out how you can help others move their business forward as well.

Something I love about this company is that they donate a box of school supplies to kids in need for each purchase, how inspiring is that? The cost of a box is $250 but makes up for in value for your business. Order here;



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