Paddle West Kayaking


Planning an upcoming trip to Tofino? The gorgeous scenery and breath taking landscape of the West Coast will make this trip worth while, but why not get a close up of the beauty and sign up for a kayaking tour with Paddle West Kayaking! Smell the fresh air, feel the ocean breeze on your face and taste the salty sea mist while getting a workout and exploring the surrounding area! Ease into your comfy solo or double kayak and explore the sea and land with family, friends or coworkers. You’ll be sure to see some creatures on the water, land and sky like seals, hawks, eagles, fish, heron and more! They have tours in both the Tofino (Clayoquot Sound) and Ucluelet (Barkley Sound) area where you can roam around endlessly. Upon check in you’ll get a brief tutorial and safety talk to ensure you are comfortable in your kayak and how to stay safe, then led their professional experienced guides take it from there! Here are some of the tours they offer;

  1. Rainforest Tour – This is the one we did, a full 4 hours of exploring the sea by kayak and roaming the forest on Meares Island on the Big Tree Trail to appreciate the history and beauty close up. We went with another couple and a solo, it was nice and quiet, not rushed at all. Everyone was quiet while enjoying the sounds of nature so you don’t have to worry about trying to keep up as you go at a nice pace. This one is $84 per person.
  2. Discover the Islands Tour – This one is 2.5 hours which excludes the roams around the forest. This one is $65 per person.
  3. Discover Clayoquot Sound – This is a longer tour for 6 hours for $124 and includes an hour on land to relax and have lunch.
  4. Discover the Night Stargazing Tour – How amazing does that sound? Stargazing? Beautiful! This is an overnight tour where you’ll get the chance to stare up at the sky endlessly.
  5. Multi-Day Tour – You heard right! They have 3 day 2 night tours as well! Bring (or rent) your own tent and sleeping bag and get ready to kayak for 3 days, meals included!

They are also strong supporters of keeping the environment clean and how we safe. Donating to environmental non-governmental organizations like 1% for the Planet, The Raincoast Education Sociey and The Western Canada Wilderness Committee as well as supporting the Clayoquot Action. Find out more and book here;


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