Barista Coffee Box



Mmm fresh brewed coffee on a cloudy Sunday morning. Exactly what I need to kick start my day. Barista coffee box is an artisan coffee subscription delivering up to 4 times a month! They give you the opportunity to try countless brands of coffee from all over! Each box you’ll get 4 packs of 2oz fresh coffee from a new roaster. I don’t like drinking the same coffee all the time so it’s perfect for trying new roasters from around the country!

This months featured roasters are Black Gold from Florida. This coffee shop is great, they do lots of collaborations like beer, cold brewed and free coffee for some great events. They are fair trade and organic and only buy from those practicing environmentally sound techniques. Way to go! They sent 4 yummy coffee beans;

1. Costa Rican – This is a micro lot ‘cumbres del poas’ Oscar Chacon Solano black honey. That was a long name! Great apricot and honey finish!

2. Guatemalan Finca Ceylan Y Anexos – Smooth with notes of chocolate, walnut and citrus!

3. Honduran Comsa Marcala Reservation Natural – fantastic medium bodied coffee that tastes like chocolate covered strawberries!

4. Sumatra Aceh Arsenia Ketiara Cooperative – love this dark blend from Indonesia, run by women, you go girls, nice hints of cherry.

Only $20 a box with free shipping! Order here;

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