Put a Bow on It – June Deluxe Box



Well this company wins for best packaging! It was a present on my doorstep! Beautiful chevron wrapping paper, a bow and a card! I felt like it was my birthday, opened it like a kid for sure! This a Canadian subscription company that offers you a Deluxe or Premium monthly subscription plus shipping. This months theme was Relax Refresh Renew with;

  1. Archipelago 3 wick candle – smells soooo good, white nectarine, persimmon and pomegranate yummmm
  2. The Sun and Other Stars by Brigid Pasulka – story of a widowed butcher and his son taking place in the Italian riviera.
  3. Ceramic bookmark – I’ve been getting so many books lately and didn’t have a proper bookmark so was happy to finally get such a cute one!
  4. Kate Spade cards – luckily this is my fav brand of fancy cards and I was running low!
  5. Thymes eucalyptus bath salt – cannot wait to have a ME day with a nice bath using these!
  6. Brompton & Langley exotic retreats body lotion and shower gel – love that these are themed; Tuscany, France, Fiji, Maui, let your body escape!
  7. Loofah – can never have too many loofahs!

Can’t stop gushing over their past boxes, I want them all! This box is worth about $85 and only costs $38 for a deluxe – shown here ($33 if u order more!) or $64.95 ($49.95 if u order more!) for a premium plus shipping and you get a free Corksicle in your 3+ month subscriptions, shucks I want one! Lovely gift to send as a one time for friends and family, or to pamper yourself monthly! Order here;



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