Owl’s Brew



Love introducing you to my fav cocktail ingredients! First we had the shrubs, then the hitters and now this is something that you definitely haven’t heard of! Owls Brew is a tea for your cocktails! Yes! Tea! These are made to pair with either your spirits, and ever works with beer or wine! What?!? The tea is fresh brewed from whole tea leave with nothing other than tea, water and agave! Just mix with your spirit of choice for a new tasting fun cocktail! How healthy too! Less calories than your typical bar drink. They even came out with an Owls Brew Radler! Loooove radlers’ Lots of creative flavors too, they have;

1. Coco Lada – delicious blend of black tea, chai slices, coconut (loooove!) and pineapple! This one makes a great sweet and coconutty cocktail, I’ll have to try it with a dark rum!

2. The Classic – this is your basic with English breakfast and lemon peel. Go to for your basic spirits.

3. White Vine – mmm love this summery combo of white tea, lemon peel, pomegranate and watermelon. This one is great to paid with wheat beer which I love!

4. Wicked Green – made with green tea, lemon, lime and a hint of habañero. Great kick for my Caesars and margaritas!

5. Pink & Black – love this one, full of black tea, lemon peel, strawberries and hibiscus. Great flavour here that pairs great with some wine or maybe an old fashioned type cocktail!

They have TONS of recipe suggestions online, and ermergerd do they ever look good! I took a sip of each and decided to make these 2 that jumped to mind when looking thru my fridge, but am already thinking of my next creation! What I made;

Dirty Vegas

1 part gin, 2 parts White Vine, 2 drops of peach bitters with fresh cracked black pepper to garnish

The Whip

1 part tequila, 2 parts Wicked Green, splash of pickled jalapeño juice, squirt of lime and frozen green grapes to garnish

Be sure to check out with great book too! ‘Wise Brews’.Their products can be found all over the US a few shops scattered around the world (literally), and a handful of Canadian stores including my 3 local favs; Welks, Gourmet WareHouse & Donalds. Or order online;



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