House Box – June Summer Time



My fav Canadian subscription once again! HouseBox was my first to review and is still a favourite and must have! I’m once again shocked that there are so many great products in this little box. June is all about SummerTime and this box has everything you need to get started! The House Box brings you those innovative, natural products to your door, I’ve never heard of any of these before, thank you House Box for introducing me and always educating me about how I can put better product in my home and in my body without having to worry about all the toxins and chemicals. Love that they use mostly local and small companies, I’ve loved every item I’ve received so far, trust me, you won’t be disappointed. In this box;

  1. The Green Beaver cilantro mint toothpaste – This is awwwesome, I absolutely love cilantro, I put it on everything. This is a natural vegan toothpaste which is great as I’ve been on the colgate and crest forever, hopeing to make the change now! I just had to look this company up and am very impressed with the amount of love they put in their products to ensure you are keep clear of all the junk that’s being put into stuff on the market these days. They sell everything from shampoo, deodorant, sunscreen and more!
  2. Honey Candles – 100% pure beeswax here, these as I’ve learnt are air purifying and don’t release toxins unlike all other candles, they are also bee friendly and eco friendly!
  3. SOAK laundry detergent – these little packs are perfect sample packs with celebration (sweet scent of red rooibos tea), lacey (made for your dedicates with a spring blossom and bergamot scent) & scentless.
  4. Norwex Spirisponge – perfect to use on teflon and smooth-top stoves, great little cleaner for those scratch-sensitive spots.
  5. Fox Run brands garlic peeler – some very cool products on their website! I love garlic so this will come in handy!
  6. Neal’s yard hand cream – lovely smell of geranium and orange, perfect for the purse!

HouseBox is a Canadian subscription box company that delivers natural and hard to find household products to your door bimonthly from $18.99 a month! Get 25% your first box at and use


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