Christmas came early for Callie cat! Our fur baby was ecstatic when she saw her brand new cat tree and hideaway tent! Everyday she sees all my boxes at the front door, and as much as she loves sleeping in the box herself (she’s a weirdo and has now been deemed #subscriptionboxcat) she’d rather get some fun stuff for herself. So we reached out to Armarkat as I’ve always loved their products. Soooo many different cat trees to choose from, I only wish Callie could pick and choose for herself! Looks like we were successful thou as she loves both the cat tree and the tent!

Their trees come with wood bases and seasonal sisal posts that are durable and long-lasing with their ‘scratch-ability’. Their products come with 6 month warranties and are suuuuper simple to set up, not to mention they come with an Allen wrench and all the little bits to put it together while your cat is screaming in your ear with excitement. How did she know it was for her?

This company is great, focusing on your fur baby and ensuring they are comfortable and happy. Because a happy cat is a happy family. ­čÖé Their products are soft, cozy and super resilient with washable fabrics plus they use only environmentally friendly material. They have over 100 models to choose from, so browse away with your choosy cat by your side. Choose from beds, trees, scratchers, carriers, playpens, toys and accessories. Their products range in size from the tree’s being under 30″ and over 76″, starting at $49 for a basic 2 piece kitten tree. They have cat beds starting at under $20 and up. Callie picked the fanciest cat bed with this fun teepee look with paw prints. Find out more and order here;


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