Alpha Outpost – Zulu Zulu


Ready for Winter Camp? Love the great outdoors? Why not take it to the next level when out camping in the wilderness. Alpha Outpost is perfect for the outdoors man, guys that love tactical gear and adventures. You can’t go wrong here, they never cease to amaze me, it’s truly the ultimate gift for the man in your life. Each month they take it to a new level of fun with gear that will prep you for whatever life has to offer. With past boxes like the Survivor Box, the Gentlemen’s Box, the V.E.G.A., the Medic Box and the Hostage Survivor Box, they just keep getting better and better and with the intense tools  and training on how to use them. I decided to check out one of their past boxes that I’ve always wanted so jumped for the Zulu Zulu box;

  1. Sleeping Bag – honestly I’ve never owned my own sleeping bag! How is that even possible when I’ve been camping so many times?!
  2. Mosquito net – I hate mosquitos, who doesn’t!
  3. Poncho – this doubles as a footprint to sleep on and zips up to keep you dry! Also good as a sunshade, or to collect rain water.

We also got tons of useful info like what’s edible in the wild, so what to and what not to eat. Tips on how to make an outdoor washroom and how to make a Dakota fire hole. Get your Alpha Outpost box today starting at $34.95 a month plus $6.95 shipping. Get your first box for only $5 as well! Whaaaa?! Just pick one of their past boxes! Like the Orion that was full of all the knives to finish your hunt. Or the Predator box… too many to choose from! Plus you get member pricing on past boxes and a chance to win a rifle. Across seas in the military? They got you covered too. Their blog is also killer. They have training for almost all situations you might encounter. How to make a bear bag rig, how to preserve meat, tips for deer tracking, how to treat different conditions in the wild and more! Order here;

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