Decocrated – Spring 2019


Looking for a subscription box that will make your home look and feel more inviting, trendy and comfortable? Decocrated is a quarterly subscription sending you a giant box full of home decor, seasonal decorations, wall accents, and more using different textiles, colours and materials to keep your home looking classic yet modern and fun. What I really love is that their items are transitional and versatile. So what you can use during Christmas, can also be used for other holidays or year round. I also love their insert that gives you great ideas on how to use the item in different ways through inspiration and tips. Each quarter you can expect 5-7 items, including one from each category of a vessel, so something that would hold other items like a tray, baskets or crate. A table item like a decorative piece, candle, or clock, an item that could hang like a print or banner, and a textile items like a pillow cover or place mat. In the Spring box we have a range of items that help inspire renewal and growth with some lovely floral patterns and bright colours as well as helpful organizational tools for the spring cleanup that’s coming your way. In this box;

  1. ‘Things to Remember’ Chalk Board – Comes with a chalkboard pen and is perfect for our entrance as we always tasks we forget, it’s helpful to see it rather than looking for our paper list.
  2. ‘Messy Bun Getting Stuff Done’ – haha this is hilarious as this is me to a T! When I’m getting stuff done I always need to put my hair up in a bun, that means you know I’m serious about getting down to business! I love how they offer options, so the other side has an inspirational quote! I like this side better thou since it applies to me so well. ­čÖé
  3. Pillowcases – we got two here, both super cute – one is a lumbar pillow case with floral designs in pinks and yellow with a little black and white which perfectly pair with the square black and white stripped one. Perfect to change up from winter to spring with the living room decor!
  4. Cherry Latice Crate – Looove this long piece of wooden decor, perfect for my bookshelf or maybe as a spice rack!
  5. Aqua blue tabletop clock – love this, funny as I have one that looks very similar already, clearly they know my style!
  6. Succulent – a fake one of course, great to add a pop of colour in the bathroom or kitchen.
  7. Coasters – matching the other colours with the wood theme and fun lil blurbs on them!

Only $79.99 a quarter plus free shipping. Want 10% off your subscription? Use code Kelsey10. This is a great gift for a family member to secretly suggest an upgrade to your homes style, and a perfect time to throw out the old and in with the new, transitional, fun new pieces to spruce up your homes decor! This is also a great gift for the holidays, and the perfect wedding gift. Order here;

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