Flavor Noire


Looking to taste the world? Inspired to travel country to country to try the very best dishes? That’s probably one of my favorite things about traveling is getting to try all of the amazing cuisines and traditional dishes of that area. Go on a culinary adventure every month to a new country with Flavor Noire and their Flavors of the World subscription box. Each month you can expect a new tasty adventure with non-perishable ingredients to create 2 of your own authentic recipes from that months destination. Looking for a date night? Just use their curated playlist to set the mood, and follow along the videos to create the perfect recipe with enough for two, it also included a recipe list and activity! Your box will also contain some treats well known in that months country. You can expect some kitchen utensils as well that will be helpful for that months recipes. This month we travelled to France! In this box were recipes to create Sweetheart Crepes, Herb de Provence Spatchcock Chicken, and Garlic Butter Escargot. The box includes;

  1. Snail shells! Whaaa? Yes you heard right, on this months menu we are make escargot, aka snails!
  2. Canned Snails – because you can’t make snails without snails… lol
  3. St Michel French Mini Madeleines- Omg seriously I love love love these and have been searching for them for 3 years since one of my first subscription boxes! Yum, they just melt in your mouth!
  4. Herb de Provence spice – I love adding this to my baked chicken dishes.
  5. Sweetheart Preserve – love the name and yummy!
  6. Burgundy Mustard – I’m a huge mustard fan so this is perfectooo
  7. Crepes – I looooove crepes, drool.
  8. French whisk & pipping bags – because who doesn’t need a french whisk… perfect for baking!
  9. Cemoi French chocolate covered marshmallow bear – Yum
  10. Carambar Caranougat – Double Yum
  11. 421 Game Set – Love that they include a game to create a full date style box!

Starting at only $49.99 a month with free shipping, beats traveling to each country yourself! They even give back to Rise Against Hunger by donating a portion of proceeds with every box purchased. I like looking at the past boxes too to see what else they’ve done. Looks like they had a Japan box with some sushi utensils and ingredients, as well as Haiti. Next month they are going to Greece! Order here;



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