Prime hangover supplement



Prime is a hangover supplement, yes you heard me correctly. Time to put this bad boy to the test on my fav cocktail holiday – National Caesar Day! I absolutely love Caesars and my weakness is picked anything soooo this seemed like a good day to have a few and test out this product!

Try these out, just pour in your water before a night of boozing, or during to prevent that nasty next day hangover (or 2 day hangover if you like to party!). Gives you a good does of vitamins, amino acids, electrolytes and potassium, so put to bed your other hang over cures – mine are a butter chicken Panago pizza, banana, Gatorade, although all yummy, they rarely do the trick and this just tastes like lemonade!

$2.95 each or $1.40 each if your ordering a bunch! They ship internationally. Read more about the process of how it works here;

Prime Hangover Preventer: 1-Pack


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