First Sip Brew Box


Welcome beer lovers! Craft beer fan? Love a good brewski? Loving the revamped look of the new First Sip Brew Box, super fun and colourful! Each month they’ll send you some unique craft beer merchandise and paraphernalia. If your a craft beer fan or know someone who is this box is a great gift! Untappd obsessed? Gotta collect all the badges? Then you’ll all the beer gear and goodies, including beer glasses, clothing, stickers, swag from the breweries, beer flavoured food and household items, and more! In this box;

  1. Beer Glass – a nice massive Belgium beer glass for that fancy beer.
  2. Whoopie Pie – made by prohibition pastries and oh so yunmy!
  3. Beer Shirt – Craft Beer makes me hoppy – haha loving this shirt!
  4. Beer & Cider Lolli’s – Yakima hop candy created these lovely treats, with fun flavours like stout and cider!
  5. Electrolyte vitamins – great for those beer festival hangovers coming my way!

Be sure to check out their store to purchase some extra items. Be sure to sign up for their newsletter and see what breweries they are working with in the future! So curious! Their boxes start at only $24.99 for the Brewmaster box, $49.99 for the Enthusiast and $59.99 for the Connoisseur boxes, jam packed with some amazing items. Order here;

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