Enroot – Vancouver Meal Delivery Service



Welcome to the future! Generation next generation next. Enroot is a fantastic new food service delivery company in Vancouver that delivers fresh prepared meals straight to your home, straight to your work, to your private function, pretty much anywhere in just 3 easy steps! You can have lunch for yourself in minutes or order lunch for a group of people and have it delivered in less time than it takes to walk around the corner to grab a bite.

Each morning starting at  11am you can pick your lunch items from a list of creatively chosen and meals.  They have options for vegan, gluten-free, vegetarian, tons of healthy or even not so healthy choices using ingredients from local companies. Feel like a salad today? Wrap tomorrow? Their menu changes daily so each morning is a new surprise… I’m hooked on checking every morning now! Not only are their prices inexpensive at around $7 – $12 (+ tax) per meal, but there is also a free delivery included with no minimum charge. Plus they use premium 100% compostable packaging and cutlery.

My first experience was fantastic, I placed an order for a group of friends at work at 11:15 and I got a text message 10 minutes later that my order would be arriving in minutes! Shortly after I received a second text that my order had arrived! I looked outside my building and spotted their cute little blue car with my prepackaged meals ready to go! Just meet them at the curb and grab your hot and ready lunch or dinner!

My friends and I were quite impressed with the quality of the meals. In our order we tried almost everything on the menu that day. We tried the BBQ Brisket sandwich that was nice and fresh with the perfect amount of saucyness. We tried a Santa Fe Chicken Salad that was fantastic with fresh avocado, corn with a yummy dressing. We had a fresh baked Angus Beef Lasagna which was the crowd favorite surprisingly, it was massive! We also had a Naked Chicken Taco Bowl that was fantastic, def my fav, and on a bed of rice?! OMG so goooood! Also a Squash & Root Grain Bowl that was full of quinoa, red cabbage, almonds, I didn’t finish it so put it in a wrap when I got home for dinner and oooooh so good leftovers! We also tried the Stump Town cold brew coffee, I’m personally not a big fan of cold brew, but meh. AND we got a few Turmeric juices from the Juice Truck that were carrot, ginger, tumeric flavored, and sooo good fresh juice! Not only did they have lots of lunch options, but they had some small snacks desserts and lots of drink options as well including fresh juices, fancy soda pops and ginger beer!

This is definitely a service I will be using in the future,  not only do they deliver lunch but they also deliver dinner. No more having to rush to grab ingredients to make dinner. I don’t have time sometimes, so having them deliver straight to my office and I can just bring it home, or even have it delivered straight home so I can have dinner on the table immediately! How do they do it so fast? They have an in house kitchen with an experienced chef and even built in ovens/fridges in the delivery car to keep your meal hot or cold and ready to eat!

This company is absolutely booming as well, the first of its kind delivering on demand at over 250 meals a day. They are currently serving the Mount Pleasant, Fairview, Cedar Cottage, Gastown and Strathcona neighborhoods but quickly spreading across Vancouver, and fingers crossed out to the Lower Mainland soon too. Use code #TRYENROOT to get $10 off your first meal!

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