Lemon Crate – August



Finally an essential oil subscription box! I’ve been searching for one for awhile! Love how colourful this box is, so cheery! In each box you will be able to discover new essential oils along with recipes for different little potions I’d like to call them. You might get recipes for personal care, kitchen or home care, wellness. They send you video tutorials as well to ensure you are creating the perfect blend. All I need now is a diffuser for any future recipes! These ones luckily come with everything you need, spray bottles and rollers, which is super convenient! Love how many mini samples you get as well, just wish they were bigger samples with more in them! They do include enough for 3-5 recipes for each box, good quality too, they use therapeutic grade essential oil samples and premium natural ingredients. In this box;

  1. 10 essential oil samples – Manuka, Spearmint, Orange, Rosemary, Vetiver, Palo Santo, Black Spruce and Melrose.
  2. Recipe blends for – Breath Spray, Lice Spray, Tantrum Tamer, Blemish Blend & Courage Booster.
  3. Rollers and spray bottles for all the recipes – love this little rollers and that mini spray bottle! Very convenient!

I love their online shop too, they have bug repellant bands that you can add your essential oil recipe too, how creative?! Just wish I could get my hands on some of their past boxes! Love their survival kit, the linen spray, you can even make your own foaming soap! Must have! They have a diffuser bracelet and a portable car diffuser too! What?!? Their subscription box is $29.00 a month. Order here;



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