Keep it Simple Socks


Socks for days! I have a clear obsession with new socks, and have been happy to clear out all my older socks, holes and all! KISS sends you some of the best quality socks I’ve got so far! Each month you’ll get some classy, stylish and fun socks that will pair perfectly with your outfit whether it be for work, play or everyday wear! Stripes, solids, shapes, patterns, who knows what will be on yours! Loving their name, KISS. “Keep it Simple Sweetie” but socks! In this box we got 3 pairs of probably the most comfy socks I have now! Plus those wooden frame sunglasses are super cute and stylish!  

Their subscription starts at $10 for one pair, $15 for 2 pairs, or $20 for 3 pairs. BONUS! When you order the 3 pack they will throw in a pair of sunglasses with your first box, I’m loving the pair they added in this box! Another BONUS! Order now and they will send the first 1 pack for free, the 2 pair for $5 or the 3 pack for $10! Plus free shipping! Order here;


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