Canadian Craft Tours


Looking for a fun adventure to do in Vancouver with friends and family? Canadian Craft Tours brings you on Beer, Wine, Distillery & Coffee tours around Vancouver and across the Lower Mainland on evenings and weekends. Get behind the scenes tours, inside scoop, tastings and a designated driver all to yourself for a few hours! I went on my first Coffee Tour this past weekend with Canadian Craft Tours and it was awesome! This company has so many different options too, from beer tours, wine tours, and food tours. They are also all over BC and even Alberta, from Victoria and Calgary, the Okanagan and even Whistler. With so many options you can try a new tour each week! For example, they have about 6 different beer tours just in the Lower Mainland area! Choose from a Port Moody Brewer’s Row tour, a walking tour, one at the fun spots in North Van, a brewery and distillery combo tour, and more! The Wine tour looks super fun and jam packed and even includes a cheese and charcuterie lunch!!!! Whaaa wine and cheese? They have a few different food tours like the Dim Sum Chinatown tour, Japanese Food tour, Coffee tour and of course you can’t forget the Granville Island tour, which has a booze option! I want to try all 4!

We started off the night at our meeting spot at 999 Canada Place, everyone was ready to go in a comfy van with our driver and tour guide excited to start! Let me just start off by mentioning that our tour guide was a rock star, really cool guy that was sociable, joined in the social chit chat fun, but also gives you space to chat with those you came with which is nice. He had answers to most of our silly questions and overall was a fun guy.

Let me start off by saying I love coffee, but I don’t know the first thing about it. My boyfriend is sweet enough to make it every single morning, without fail, and always delicious, me on the other hand, I can’t even grind the beans properly! I’m a cream and sugar kinda girl, but preference is always a latte, cappuccino or tea latte. This tour was my first time properly trying coffee and learning about the roasting process, best techniques, tips from the trade and tasting of course. I brought my sister along with me this time since she’s a huge coffee fan, brewing up all sorts of stuff from her own espresso machine,… something I need to invest in based on my favorites!

Our first stop was Kafka’s Coffee on Main & Broadway. I’ve never been here but always wanted to go. It’s a cute little cafe and shop with comfy seating that’s inviting to all. They having some delicious goodies as well like their salted chocolate chip cookies. YUM! I loved the 2 pour over coffee’s we got to try. The staff were extremely knowledgeable too so we got to ask away any questions we had.

Next we went to Elysian on 7th and Ontario. I had never been to this location, it’s super cute, comfy and inviting. We got a behind the scenes tour of the machines and got to try some coffees in the back room with a bunch of delicious treats. I really liked the story behind Elysian about the staff equality and everyone being on the same level. I loved their baked good, the savory scone was amazing, and the muffins were so good… okay fine, I loved it all.

Lastly we went to Kahve Coffee on 1st and Burrard. This one was my least favorite. They seemed disorganized, had a lil too much going on with all the stuff all over the walls and I wasn’t too fond of their coffee’s compared to the first 2 stops. Was packed thou, so they must be doing something right!

With so many tours to choose from you will guaranteed have a good time and find a slot for you and your friends and family to go on an adventure! They also have private tours for your group bookings so check them out for more deets! Find out more about their upcoming tours here;

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