Sleek Treat – Spring Box



Sleek Treat is a subscription full of gourmet sugar-free treats launching soon! I love how there are so many subscription boxes that focus on something specific. There are so many people that would love this box, let them do the work of sourcing out your sugar-free snacks and simply enjoy!

In this box;

  1. Chocolite cookies & cream protein bar – You can’t go wrong with a little caramel, mixing it with cookies&cream is even better!
  2. Amberlyn dark chocolate & raspberry bar – Delicious Belgian chocolate with a taste of razzzz.
  3. Amberlyn dark gourmet chocolate truffles – I love truffles, there are 4 flavors so it’s a surprise which you get, this one is coconut, mmmmm cococococnutttty.
  4. Godiva – pure delicious goodness, I’m a huge fan of Godiva chocolate so you can’t go wrong here!
  5. Boston fruit slices – These are surprisingly tasty, and such a nice pop of colour!
  6. Eda’s premium hard candy – I’m not a fan of hard candy, but these will be happily shared among my office, decent amount in here too!
  7. Darlington farm cookies – So soft and chewy
  8. Good Chocolate – Yummy organic chocolates in 10 flavors, I got a milk chocolate and mint chocolate but now looking at the other flavors I’m suuuuuper jealous! I want more! Use code #victoryissweet for 15% off their chocolates!

This box will be $29.99 monthly with a $5 monthly discount for life for mailing list subscribers!


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