Beer Cap Map – Canada



How great is this? This is a beer cap map. Yes you heard correctly. A map! For your beer caps! Don’t worry, it comes in many shapes and sizes, featured here is my motherland Canada! But you can also get a full size of the USA, Mexico or any individual state to make one massive USA! Beer fanatics this is a must, what else could you possibly have to show off your love! Besides a wall full of growlers, or other collectibles, the is impressive. Can’t wait to fill the wall with US and Mexico, as I know I could fill this map with caps pretty quick, knowing how much I love my brewski’s.

They also have metal groove cap maps, depends on the look your going for! The big ones would look perfect in a brewery, restaurant, or at home, great gift for the beer lover in your life. They also have desktop maps, smaller versions that are a great gift for the boss or coworker. Awesome coasters too, you can put your favourite beer cap right in the middle so they are customizable, great gift for anyone! Do I mention it’s a bottle opener as well? A very cute idea I saw posted on their page was using the map as a wedding guest registry, your guests sign the cap and stick it on the map! Very cute idea!

Okay so now all I need is to start filling this map, wish I would have saved my fav caps before knowing about this product! The collection has already begun so I’ll be posting it once it’s half done! My collection is almost complete in terms of beer gear, gotta get my hands on a kickass growler now too, despite my ever growing collection.

Order your beer cap maps here, and be sure to follow and tag them because they are always giving away free cap maps to those who tag them! The individual states and country maps start at $39 in the wood, and $49 for the metal groofs maps and the wooden desktop for $29. Don’t forget the bottle opener coasters, 4 pack for only $24!


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