Food Trip To! – Montreal


Bienvenue à FoodTripTo! Here we have Montreal!

I was lucky enough to spend a day… yes only a day, in Montreal when I was in high school. We had a student exchange so I got to stay in Ottawa for a week or so and we had a day trip over to Montreal. I loved it. They language is beautiful (I took French immersion), the food was drool worthy, can’t get enough of that Montreal smoked meat, poutine, and maple syrup and the sights were beautiful. I would love to go back!

This subscription box is great for those who love to travel or cook! Each box will be specific to a new country around the world, immerse yourself in their culture with the help of these guys! This box contained 7 classique ingredients, a magazine with recipes, a playlist and a cultural info page. We have a gin & spruce beer recipe, a delicious poutine recipe, ooo and my fav, a maple sponge pudding recipe, it looks delicious. In this box;

  1. Maple Syrup Candle – this is my most favorite ever! It smells like heaven…. seriously droool
  2. Bad Monkey popcorn – I saw this company on Dragons Den and couldn’t wait to try it, this flavour too is ale Québécois with maple syrup
  3. St-Hubert poutine sauce mix – mmmm who doesn’t love poutine?! Numnumnum, a fav salty snack of mine
  4. Henri Soda spruce beer – a woodsy soda with those fruity and floral notes
  5. Maple Syrup – delicious little treat here, loving maple syrup on my pancakes!
  6. Joe Beef smoked apple mustard – ohhh this ones got kick and great on a hotdog or mixed in a salad dressing
  7. Chocolate covered cranberries – not sure I’ve ever tried these, but who doesn’t love chocolate covered anything?
  8. Steak spice – a good seasoning and perfect to top on your Montreal smoked meat!

Order your box today, and use code Friend5 for $5 off your box! They ship to Canada and the US for only $42 a month with a free gift in every third box. You can order a box from a past country if you missed one, and the boxes range in price depending on the origin starting at $39.90 and up. I want the ones from Argentina and Martinique!!! You can also order some leftover items in their shop from past boxes, like spices, sauces and accessories. So if you loved that satay spice, perhaps you can order more! I love that 10% of the purchase of a box went to Oxfam-Quebec which helps fight poverty, inequality, and injustice around the world. They ship a box every second month, and next up we have Spain! Order here;

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