If you know me well you’d know that one of my greatest obsessions is anything and everything pickled! My family goes so far as to put a jar of pickled green beans in my Christmas stocking every year… yes it’s true. My dear friend even supplies me with a years worth of homemade spicy pickled green beans for the past few years. I’m the girl who orders a caesar with extra extra extra green beans. And when I’m at home? I put picked anything and everything on my caesar, including asparagus, carrots, cauliflower, mushrooms, green beans, olives, peppers… the list never ends! My favorite pickling company you ask? Foster’s – hands down! They make 100% natural, great quality products that are grown on their own farm, that I just keep coming back to, plus they are gluten free!

They have 7 products total including 4 kinds of asparagus; original, cajun, red pepper and jalapeño, 2 pickled bean products including original and red pepper, as well as their new product, original pickled carrots – yum! I’ve always gone for the originals but ooooh yeah I’m excited to try all these exciting flavors! Perfect to spicy up an original caesar, pair with some cheese and crackers, chop up and serve in a salad, mmmm think pasta salad, the options are endless! It’s nice knowing that their products are healthy too, packed with nutrients like Vitamin C and B6, Thiamin, Folic Acid and micronutrients. It’s nice seeing such a small ingredient list like the veg with vinegar, salt, water, sugar, spices and garlic, less is more!

Order here and your pickled fix!

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