Baby Lit



Got kids? Need a baby gift? This is my number 1 choice for kids books, such an adorable line of children’s books, Baby Lit is the perfect intro for your kids to some great literature and also an amazing learning tool. Each book is a primer for something specific, primer to numbers, colours, shapes, animals and more! These books are not only adorable, but based on Classics like Jane Austen and William Shakespeare. Have u read up on the benefits of reading for children? I sure hope so, if you want your child to excel with a strong vocab and more then it’s absolutely suggested to have night time reading. Westy gets at least one story read a night, at the very least! He loves these books by BabyLit, especially the All Aboard California with the ‘choo choo’s and ‘vroom vrooms’ as he likes to call them. Such cute titles like Romeo & Juliet, Jungle Book, Jabberwocky, Dracula, Sense & Sensibility, Alice in Wonderland, Moby Dick… So many! The illustrations are adorable too! They also sell puzzles, games, the cutest totes, and more!

Order here, most books are $9.99 each!


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