Horror Pack – February 2019


What’s your favorite scary movie? I have quite a few favorites since I’m a big horror movie fan. From Children of the Corn to Bird Box and Hereditary, I’ve had my fair share of screaming and biting my nails throughout all the chillers and thrillers out there. Want to find the latest and scariest movies without flipping through Netflix for 30 minutes? Horror Pack is a subscription that sends you Blu-Ray or DVD’s every month to add to your movie collection! Each month you will get 4 movies including a limited edition, like this month I got a limited edition signed copy! They also have a RUE MORGUE’s Coffin Box that is a bi-monthly subscription bringing you the latest issue of Rue Morgue Magazine, a blu-ray, a t-shirt and 1 or more mystery collectible items! In this month for the Blu-Ray subscription we got;

  1. Misery by Rob Reiner written by Stephen King – This is such a classic horror movie to me, I saw it was I was pretty young and thought Kathy Bates was mesmorizing. Such an awesome movie with a famous author getting in car crash only to be saved by a crazed fan.
  2. The Violent Kind by Mitchell Altieri and Phil Flores – ‘One night at a secluded farmhouse deep in the Northern California woods, a small group of hardened young bikers and their girlfriends are tormented when one of the girls becomes savagely possessed and a gang of “Rockabillies” seemingly from the 1950’s descends upon them to collect what is growing inside her.’ – Summary from IMDB.
  3. Some Kind of Hate by Adam Egypt Mortimer and Brian DeLeeuw – Love Justin Prentice from 13 Reasons Why, great actor. ‘A bullied teenager is sent to a reform school where he accidentally summons the spirit of a girl, herself a victim of bullying, who takes vengeance on his tormentors.’ – Summary from IMDB.
  4. President’s Day by Chris LaMartina – an exclusive for this box, this is a 2010 comedy horror film. ‘Follows a group of high school students being hunted by a madman in an Abraham Lincoln disguise.’ – Summary from IMDB. 

Starting at only $22.74 a month for a year’s subscription for Blu-Ray, or $17.74 for DVD’s  that’s under $6 a movie which are typically $20 in store! The coffin box is $19.99 a month. Order here;


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