Alpha Outpost – July Chronos Box 


Got your survival gear and ready to set out in the woods? Don’t forget your watch and compass. Better yet, check out this awesome Alpha Outpost box. Chronos, giving you the tool of TIME! They never cease to amaze me, it’s truly the ultimate gift for the man in your life. Once again the quality surpassed what I would expect in a typical box. Like I mentioned before, I have never seen such creative themes, with awesome past boxes including the SurvivorBox, the GentlemensBox, the V.E.G.A., the MedicBox and the HostageSurvivorBox, they just keep getting better and better and with these intense tools comes a website link to get some training on how to use them. What’s in this box;

  1. Chronos Watch – loving this super sexy tactical looking men’s watch. Stainless steel and army green. Perfect for the outdoorsmen!
  2. Sundial Compass – I actually had no idea how to use a sundial until I read the manual, super useful out in the sticks!  

The box also comes with a manual. I had no idea you could use a watch as a compass… silly of me? Perhaps. Either way I was happy to learn something new. Also interesting was using ‘the hands of time’ technique to keep track of time and calculate roughly how many hours of sunlight you have left. Amazing to know.

This box is worth double every time! Get yours starting at $34.95 a month plus $6.95 shipping. Across seas in the military? They got you covered too. Order here;

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