Raw Box


Introducing the Raw Box, sending you a box stacked full of clean products that are plant based, gluten free, raw, non-GMO, refined sugar free… you get the hint, these snacks are healthy and guilt free! This is a bi-monthly subscription sending you 10+ products in each box worth up to $80 a month! The beauty products they include are non-toxic which is great for sensitive skin and the household products they include are eco-friendly so you can rest assured that you know whats in your household. It’s perfect if you lead a clean or plant based lifestyle. It’s a great box to keep you on track every month, encourage you to not pick up those unhealthy treats when you have lots of healthy ones in the cupboard! So if your looking for a plant based lifestyle box with nutrient rich superfoods, or one to help you kick-start some healthy habits and boot those old ones, or maybe to detox, the Raw Box is a great start. In this box;

  1. Orglamix Yelo Turmeric Face Scrub & Mask – Oh fun! Turmeric has so many health benefits, so this will give me glowing skin!
  2. Antidote XOCHI Raw 100% Cacao & Dates – mmm a yummy dark chocolate with slivers of dates!
  3. Skout Organic dark chocolate cherry organic protein bar – a super healthy guilt free protein bar!
  4. Laughing Giraffe Organics Kick’n Dried Mango – these ones hav e a hint of lime and jalapeno. Fun!
  5. MAGICdATES date bites – these ones are coconut flavored, yuuum
  6. ORAC-Energy Greens + Protein & Greens – perfect sized supplements to add to your morning smoothie for a pick me up, filled with freeze-dried berries, veggies and mushrooms too!
  7. Living Intentions Thai Curry Superfood Nut Blend – filled with thai spices, lemon, lemongrass, raw cashews, sprouted almonds and coconut.
  8. PROJUCE Pure + Simple – superfoods with whole fruits & veggies

Under $19 a month with a 6 month subscription! They offer free shipping too! Can’t get enough? Order from their online store, their Deluxe box is available for $44.95 full of over 12 items and worth over $65! Order here;


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