Sleek Treat 


Sleek Treat is a subscription box full of gourmet artisan sugar-free treats! They are all gluten free, low carb and fully sugar-free, so perhaps made with Stevia, Sucralose, or Sorbitol. Let them do the work of sourcing out your sugar-free snacks and simply enjoy, no more endless searching for products that are sugar-free and healthy as well. Completely guilt free treats! Each month you’ll get 5-8 artisan, high quality sweet treats like this box that is jam packed with goodies. In this box;

  1. La Nouba Belgian Sugarless Marshmallows – nummmmy num num, won’t say no to more Marshmallows in my life! Can’t believe these are sugar free! 
  2. PureLove Caramel Coconut Cream Cups – ermergerd, seriously, you can’t get a more delicious flavour! 
  3. Pandora’s Pops – adorable strawberry Valentines pops, gluten free and vegan too! 
  4. Lily’s chocolate bar – 70% extra dark chocolate! So decadent! 
  5. Doctor’s CarbRite Diet bar – this is a raspberry chocolate truffle bar! Mmm truffles! 
  6. GoLightly hard candies – not a fan of hard candies but will give them away as they are yummy flavours! Pins colada, strawberry kiwi, passion fruit, peach mango, yuuum! 

The Sleek Treat Box is only $34.99 a month plus shipping, or an extra $5 a month if your worried about your treats melting – so sent with a cold pack and proper packaging. Also be sure to use code SUBBOXGIRL50 to get 50% off your first box! Order here;

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