Genuine Fred


Warning, this company might be your new best friend! Very excited to introduce you to one of my all time favorite companies, Fred and Friends! I am so obsessed with literally everything they sell, it’s fun, funny and completely different than anything else I’ve seen on the market. It’s not often that I find them in stores, but when I do, I go a little overboard with stocking up on gifts… okay fine, it’s all for me! Muahaha. They have everything from baby items, techie gear, bar tools, party favors, stationary, car products… so much to choose from!

Their products aren’t just silly, but fully functional and likely something you needed anyways! For example, I desperately needed a new oven glove, their bear paw oven gloves were the perfect replacement for mine! Another example, I wanted to start making homemade soup at home but hate having to fish out all the herbs before serving so got a dog bone kitchen gadget that you put the herbs right into so they stay together! I wanted some fun coffee mugs and glassware so got a hilarious coffee mug, perhaps inappropriate to share but I love it! I got some fun key holders, cocktail picks, wine corks, all of the items are too cute to handle. My suggestion would be to buy in bulk as you’ll want to keep these all for yourself, even if you intended to buy it as a gift. *Puts up hand* LOL. A couple of my favorite items of their include the taco truck, the tea infusers, the kids dinner trays are adorable, I’ve always wanted one of those to save until I had kids. There are so many fun items for my workspace as well, love the Daily Mood flipchart, gives my coworkers a heads up of my current mood… proceed with caution!

I would say this is my favorite company for gift giving. There is no chance that you wouldn’t find something for everyone on your list for pretty much any occasion. They need a massive store… in my neighborhood. Are you a designer? Have a fun idea? You can work with them with your design to have it brought to shelves. Check them out online and get free shipping across the US for orders over $50 or find them across the US and Canada in stores! More here;


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