Mary’s Mixers


If you know me well, you obviously know about my caesar (and bloody mary!) obsession. Yes, I even created another Instagram account just to show it off. I love trying new spirits, from Gin and Tequila, to Whiskey and Vodka, new garnishes as you can never try them all! But the mix is always important. I typically reach for my regular ol’ Clamato brand, but I like to mix it up and do half and half with other mixers to get all the flavors and spices. I noticed Mary’s Mixers recently and wanted to try them out since they are a stones throw away in Portland, Oregon. They make small batches using only the freshest ingredients from the horseradish (which they ground up the day of!) to the pickle brine that is actually handmade!

The most exciting part? They’ve made the world’s first cocktail mixes infused with CBD! Whaaa? That’s right! They use high quality CBD from 100% hemp, it is non-psychoactive and is legal in the US. I was pretty sad because I couldn’t try this one since I’m from Canada but shared it with a deserving bartender at one of my fav spots in Bellingham during a visit. So folks, test this one out and tell me what it’s like pretty please!!! 

They have a few different products including their Original Bloody Mary Mix and the Spicy Hot, as well as the Original or Spicy Hot with 30mg of CBD. Starting at $12.99 without CBD and $16.99 with.

Order here;


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