Rotzy’s Mad Batter


My favorite goodies you ask? I am obsessed with nougat, marshmallows and cookie dough. Yes cookie dough! I remember as a kid we were told not to eat it but these days you can order it by the bucket! Whaaa? This is my first time having an actual order of cookie dough to eat all myself! No cooking this dough into batter, just snacking away at it, yuuuum! Rotzy’s Mad Batter has quite a few flavors to try, we got 4 small containers to try including Birthday Cake, Sugar Cookies, Chocolate Chip & Peanut Butter. Drool.

Oh but wait, they have toooons of other flavors! From snickerdoodle to s’mores, caramel apple to PB&J, you’ll find lots of M&M’s, Oreos, Kit Kats and other treats in yours! They have cookie dough ice cream sandwiches, cannoli’s, little mad batter bites which are perfect for sharing. They also have dough shots and pops for on the go treats. Having a party? They have 1 quart party packs and the best part? They have adult goodies too with booze! Never heard of that before! You can get your push pops infused with Fireball, Crown Royal, Bacardi and more! Want some for your pups? They have doggie dough as well! They ship across the US and costs range but about $8 for each flavor of cookie dough. Order here;


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